What is Wanted - What is Expected

There is nothing to update you on.

The game is rigged and has been longer than I've been around.  It is a design and a construct and running on a program.  On rails.  Auto-pilot.

What is happening and will continue to happen is the transition, the wave, the event, your ascension, the raise of consciousness and frequency, the activating or de-activating of your DNA, the next zeitgeist, apocalypse, reset, change or whatever the fuck you want to call it.  It is happening right now.  There is no stopping it or changing it, but, you are choosing how it all ends as you react to it.

Will you choose the path to your own survival as a species or will you choose extinction?  Regardless of your level of perception, spiritual beliefs, political beliefs or affiliations, culture or any other variable, this is a choice you are all faced with.  The survival of a species... Humanity.

Exactly how the pieces will be played is anyone's guess.  This is why, everyone is guessing, and it's obvious they are.  If I tried to tell you, I would be too.

Our ability to alter the way things play out is limited, and focused on the area around and within us.  You already know the answers, but you seem to wait on absolutes.  Which will not come. 

At this point, how many have told you how many times that "the end is near"?  "Be prepared to be scared."  No thanks.  My choice is to focus on what is not wrong as much as what is wrong.  When spending time on what is wrong, how can I fix it or what can I do?  What works and what doesn't?  How can we make what doesn't, work?  How can we make what does work, even better? 

Where is the beauty and how do I enjoy it?  What will keep me whole?  What will keep me, me? 

How much will I take?  When will I make a stand?  Am I ready to prove my conviction?  Of course, if I truly have conviction.  Do I?

What do I tell the others?  Will any of it matter?  Should I try anyways?  What if they laugh at me?  What if they say I am wrong?  Should I try anyways?

Why the fuck are they looking to me for answers?  No one knows.  We're all guessing.  You know just as well.

Should we try anyways? 

We cannot stop building our future.  We need to focus on fixing things in the present.  We cannot trust the past.  It is time for something new.

Disclosure?  Not happening.  Humanity will "discover" all the tech and advancement, that whisleblowers have been claiming exist already, in the next few years.  Or exploration of Mars will lead to a new "discovery" which give birth to several new technologies.  Watch as it happens and if I'm wrong, it will be obvious by the end of 2016. "The Path of Discoveries".  Please, prove me wrong.  I want to be wrong.


  1. Sir, you're partially wrong... All of us are....

    1. True, and time will tell. You should enjoy the next entry as that is the topic.

      With love and respect,

  2. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
    and rightdoing there is a field.
    I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass
    the world is too full to talk about.

  3. Frankly, I no longer “know” what is meant by “humanity”. Honestly, I don’t know what that means. I know myself and that is all and not even sure if I am "human".

    I am, however, voting for de-activation of DNA rather than “upgrade” which would just be more of the same, IMHO. DNA is the prison.

    So, because of this, I am choosing non-participation. I choose to not participate in “the program” which is now, like you said, on autopilot – an algorithm which is now just repeating itself like bad TV reruns.

    Anyone of us who understands, knows the game is rigged so why bother – the program cannot be fixed – let it crash.

    Instead, focus on the innerscape not the outerscape. Choose creativity, not destruction; love, not hate. No need to tell anybody anything.

    Accept yourself with all the scars and warts, non-judgemental. Then be everything that you want the world to be. Forget the past. Start at this moment. It is the most simple thing to do but also the hardest thing to do. The greatest paradox of all

    1. To truly be a Non-participant in this program, one must know of the Legal Name Fraud and adjust their reality accordingly. ;)

    2. Always wanted to buy these BBBB (bye bye big brother) books.
      I found the information about it a few years ago and read something shorter by the same author and it was pretty amazing. Also, i like the name: Perpetual Traveler.

    3. I should clarify that my meaning of non-participation is more akin to non-attachment (guess that is the word I should have used). If I become aware of this or that, I have already changed it. The problem comes when attachment to any particular outcome is desired. I can be in the world and not of the world.

      Sorry for the misunderstanding. Language can sometimes be so restrictive.

      BTW, thanks Shane for writing again and starting this blog.
      Always a pleasure :)

  4. I feel like all the technologies pale in comparison to the gifts we embody, the gifts our SweetEarthSpacePlace embodies...feels like this is why movies and shows about superheroes are so popular and resonate: each of us embodies a spark of divine nature, tiny yet infinite in its power and love..or I could be wrong!:) if is Fun to wonder about:)

  5. Shane, I find your post dangerous. Dont get me wrong, I have much respect for your writings from the prior blog but here is why: Again you provide the belief that change is upon us, whatever the term used, Wave/Event/etc. that belief brings Hope and if Fear is the mindkiller then I submit Hope is the heart thumper. Shall we wait and pray yet again from the deep of our Hearts for IT to happen, that Savior moment, that Bringer of a New paradigm/Aeon/Age? Or shall we be free to take matters in our own hands and move forward but with a clear mind and sound heart?

  6. Lozion, I find your comment dangerous, as it calls this blog dangerous and then goes on to describe a danger that is not present in the blog. Hope can be dangerous too, if it causes one to sit on their hands and wait - which is the main point in the blog post you are commenting on. Don't wait and even if you don't see hope without some "savior" or "event" or "wave", DO something to change the situation, anyways. Try anyways.

    Shall we be free to take matters in our own hands and move forward but with a clear mind and sound heart? Yes... Unless we are too stuck waiting for something to happen, or someone else to do something. :)

    With love and respect,

    1. Then we agree in form but my premise is you hold on to a belief of change via an external influence. In all honesty, isnt that just hope manifesting itself? What tangible knowledge do we have to support this change other then old prophecies (themselves perhaps planted by the same agents who constructed religion & script(ure)? I suppose it is a matter of Faith..

    2. The point I had attempted to make was the opposite... That change can/will not occur due to external influence.

      Thank you for your words. :)

      With love and respect,

    3. "That change can/will not occur due to external influence."

      May you be right that these days see the removal of all wrongdoers and backsliders.

      Guidance & love,

  7. "Our ability to alter the way things play out is limited, and focused on the area around and within us. You already know the answers, but you seem to wait on absolutes. Which will not come."

    The constant, ceaseless, frustrating search for "absolutes" is one of the greatest traps for me to resist in this auto-pilot existence.
    I have to cultivate Persistence and Patience in my Practice of remaining vigil to "NOW" so that I can persistently and patiently practice mastering the art of authentic heart based behaviours in every NOW ~ which from my experience is a guaranteed formula for avoiding the distraction and seduction of past automated reactions.
    Creating a "blank slate" in EVERY NOW moment is, in my opinion, our greatest challenge at this juncture of transition.

    Thanks for this.

  8. So when it comes to Disclosure, acceptance of "false revelation" -- as opposed to open, honest, truthful but brutal disclosure for the masses -- to perhaps the same end point, however distant, may be the actual program running on autopilot... on rails, and that perhaps there is little anyone can do to stop the inertia of such a train. Intriguing thought. And yet, you challenge humanity to prove you wrong.

    Well played, Ruiner. You've earned your nickname.

    Admittedly, I am a part of this previously rudely awakened crew. So, if I, like you, are theoretically the "new parents" of humanity, shall we rudely awaken our children? Does the length and manner of the timeline matter, as long as the end point quality of humanity awakening remains the same? If we are the new parents then, arguably, time from 3D is less relevant than time from a higher dimension, and if so, then... what is occurring, the awakening of humanity, has already occurred. So, reducing the variables, what seems to be left could be only the manner of awakening: rude (truthful) or gentle (deceitful).

    Unless *every* single human alive today -- almost 7 billion -- experience EITHER one manner of awakening OR the other, which is highly unlikely, it would appear that the current "train on the tracks" may possibly be at least two distinct trains on two different tracks -- those that will live through "the rude truth" AND those that will live through "the soft deceit" -- to arrive at the same junction of humanity's next destination.

    ...being a new parent. Hmm.

  9. I take from this post a theme that has been in my face lately, which is a mass view that some one or thing or some event or disclosure is coming that will save us. I find these memes to be out there for the purposes to keep the masses entrained in the belief that as individuals we lack the power to do a damn thing! We are rendered victims when we put all of our hope in something/someone else, much like what religions have done. I am soooo sick of the new age type crap out there and all the BS about the financial reset. All of this crap out there is actually serving the dark cabal because the so called good guys are perpetuating a fear based message. There will be a crash! Etc. I'm so utterly sick of it and am growing so tired of the same BS conspiracy theories out there. The message I am getting from my higher self is that it's all about the self. By focusing on the self you help others since we are all one source. We should Focus our energy on ourselves. How can I be a better person? How can i make changes in my life to disengage from the BS shitsym? People! Stop giving your energy into all the fear based meme's. Empower yourself. The truth is out there and it lies deep within yourself just waiting for the day you find it.

  10. morphogenetic wave.

    those ones catching a ride.

    wish them well.

    expect nothing, have everything.

    with gratitude.


  11. Thank you, Shane, for this blog. I discovered your first blog in September at a time when I was having a lot of psychic attacks & it was very helpful to me.

    We are the ones we've been waiting for. No looking for or waiting for saviors. I'm doing what I came here to do. Easy? Hardly. But I didn't come here to be an observer. A love kunoichi always. I will never give up. I will never give in. No matter how many attacks from black magicians. They will not stop me.

    We each need to do our part. My mission is to help as many people as possible do what they came here to do. We are all needed. Every one of our missions is important.

    Lyrics to one of my songs:

    Do You Remember?

    We came here a long time ago
    (Do you remember?)
    And we've been here many times before
    (Do you remember?)
    We're a Family of Light
    (Do you remember?)
    Like the stars that shine so bright
    (Do you remember?)

    We can dance and we can fly
    (Do you remember?)
    We can all light up the sky
    (Do you remember?)
    We just have to remember how
    (Do you remember?)
    Cause it is time to wake up now!
    (Do you remember?)

    Light has no boundaries, knows no walls
    (Do you remember?)
    Cannot shut out anything at all
    (Do you remember?)
    Obstacles try to block light
    (Do you remember?)
    Causing shadows that seem like night
    (Do you remember?)
    But shadows show that light is near
    (Do you remember?)
    Remember this and you'll have no fear
    (Do you remember?)
    You will remember
    You will remember!

  12. Just woke up. Didn't hit me as real until I discovered it happened to a sibling a couple years ago. Harder than I initially thought it would be but I'm getting there. Look forward to a day when my kids and all of us are truely free. Not sure we can pull it off, truely hope we do.
    Shane. are you able to sense how we are doing or how many are waking up? If your abilities don't work that way I understand but maybe a personal feeling beyond "your writer is hopeful".
    Thank you for this Shane, all of this. I hope to meet you someday somewhere sunny that has no name and embrace you as a brother.

    1. I will be looking forward to that day, brother :)

      With love and respect,

  13. (Came to the party after everyone left) The issue I have seen on this planet is a contrast of different polarities. Personally, I don't believe in a world like this. Mine is a Daydream for everyone. So I guess here is a parting gift to you and to not represent anything really. Ideas, concepts, and other things. There is one video in question that relates to someone discussed. However, it is his future not mine and I look forward to hearing his upcoming album. One video is where I see him now. It is the CONCEPT in the video not what actually happens. There is another call him Zero that is doing something different right now. He was a favorite of mine. So there will be several from him. I wrote numerous endings saying it was final. All sort of like roads. That was the point. This is the last lonesome road and possible clue. My narrative that I weaved is done.

    Duality Through Anime (First is Indra and Ashura mythos, plot revolves around the building of a dream world. Then there is Trigun for similarities and I believe Bleach. Last, is Cowboy Bebop and the idea of dreams.)


    Favorite show of this category

    Car Driving


    Liked the song for the sound not the lyrics.


    Found out today that the town strangely enough was called Canadian Texas the "oasis of the high plains." Call that fate if you believe in such a thing. Completely unintentional.


    A send off I suppose. Always, thought Native Americans and indigenous tribes were f*cked over by arrogance, envy, and control, so I guess the song is for them the Cuckoo Nest wasn't quite right. This was. In the end there will always be memories that can be cherished. Maybe, we'll live like them someday.


    A song that helped me in an interesting time in my life that was near death. The last spoken lyrics are vital.


    Maybe, a lonely shepherd referred to as Superman.


    With respect, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. It's up to everyone to build a new future for EVERYONE. Enjoy.