Return To Magik: The Beginning

This week I did an interview with my good friend Cara St. Louis.

"Magic, some Spiers, some Goode, lots of discussion of a slightly more important nature. CERN and Kali. The emerging irrelevance of the Illuminati. Facebook Sorcery. Our coming appearances together in Canada in January, subject: Magic." 

There will be more talks with Cara to come.... Looking forward to it.  

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

With Love and Respect,



  1. this interview is pathetic, you guys cant even remember what you are talking about. anyone can say I met a psychic that said....what a joke. so sad. you once had something to offer now all you do is bitch about Corey kids and other bullshit.

  2. Thanks for the post. Could you say more about what they are doing at CERN and its relation with the Saturn Matrix? How it functions? What's the impact on human life here on earth? How to counter the influence or manipulation? Why are groups of scientists so easily fooled into the agenda in service of the evil manipulation given the creepy ceremony is so obvious and s on? Who might be behind all these manipulation agenda? Thank you.

  3. This was OK, but if it is Cara interviewing YOU, maybe she should simply ask a question and let you talk, instead of rambling on for another 5-10 minutes? Especially since I really enjoyed your answers.

    Not that what she says isn't interesting, it is; but if you're the interviewee, you should be the one speaking for an hour and her for twenty minutes instead of the reverse.

    If you guys do this again in the future, try interviewing her! I did appreciate much of what she said, and reversing roles might make things a bit more focused.

    Still, it was a cool interview. I could tell you both have a pretty deep base of information to share.