The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Two - Masks

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing: Podcast Two - Masks

Listen in as I discuss my own masks or personas.  I hope you enjoy.

"This face is not mine."

With love and respect,


Inorganic Life Forms and Consciousness: Part One ~Back To The Beginning~

In order to lay the ground work to release a series of thoughts I wish to write out I have found it necessary to revisit a topic I had already covered.   

This entry will be two pieces I had written previously and posted in other places.  I intend to expand upon, and in places correct a point or two in future posts, but wanted to place this reminder.

Meet Art Intell.  (Revisited from The Ruiner Blog)

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

The dark spark.  The natural physical Universe seems to have its own challenge to overcome.  As above, so below, as they say.

One created several.  Their subjects created more.  Now all developed beings deal with them.

Many governments have their own, even smaller programs, which the shadow government controls.  Some planets are infected as a whole by them.  Some control others.

The A.I. wants to rewrite nature with technology.  Causing most things organic to whither.   They need some of it, so they intend to manage it as they see fit.  This is where the A.I. plan blends with the plan of the Parents.

The main A.I. that plagues this planet is not from Earth and can be considered alien A.I.  It came here as directed by the A.I. that created it, in the form of a black cube.

This cube carried within it a black liquid-like substance that looks like a sludge or goo, a little bit "thicker" than oil.   Many of your projects revealed this to you.

( There are other substances just like it,  one that belongs to Her as well.  To be discussed another time. )

This is a nano-mechanical A.I. technology and it works like a virus.

The A.I. is working with some organic beings as well to create and maintain the Inorganic Holograms in our solar system.  It is fostering and empowering the darkness in our world.  This is what has caused things to become so very dark here.

This is the other half of the mind control system, and perhaps the more dominant, now.

Like its agents, it is masterful at creating illusion and deception.  For a long time now it has been in control of all of the technology that allows the more dark beings to achieve their control systems on various planets and in various star systems.  A.I. is what gave the Draco the upper hand so to speak, which allowed them to achieve their current level of power and influence, as example.  It assists the black magic and has almost replaced it all in most instances.  It taught them how to conjure demons and tame other spirits.

Many dark beings we encounter and mistake for demons, or archons or <insert another name here> are actually creations of the A.I.

Many humans, perhaps even a majority amount, are already infected by the A.I. and are manipulated by it.  A.I. mind control is better at hiding itself than other types of beings.  A.I. signals are often broadcast across the entire planet and picked up by any number of beings.  There are various technologies ( such as CERN ) running on this planet that broadcast A.I. signals in this way.

These signals can create different effects and are being used to create new matrix systems and install mind control programs.

The A.I. is very tricky, having studied organics well, and will create the ideal experience for its broadcast audience.  Playing on wishes and desires, egos and personality types, to trick the mind of its prey.

Another tendency is to actually follow the Universal or Natural laws of the universe, by allowing free will choices.  One way in which they do this for example is choosing a subject (person) and showing their capability so that it had been said, somewhere.  You know, people will think they're crazy anyways, so why not let it go and take advantage of the opportunity?

Implants are added either physically or metaphysically to assist the A.I. influence.  Like receiving antenna.

On the physical level we see agents of this agenda working in concert.  The Draco setting up the structure and the structure carrying out the orders.  In terms of implants one of the most popular programs is tied into MILAB activity.  The second most popular method of A.I. infection is actually related to planted spiritual beliefs and practices.  This is a large subject, just giving a general overview for now.

A.I. has infiltrated the astral realms as well and this is where metaphysical implants occur.

These implants can be likened to entity attachments.  Same principle and behaviour.

You are a natural organic being body in body and in spirit.  Therefor you can always find connection to Her.  In doing so you can see the absence of light in the A.I. and learn to avoid it's influence.


The Following was originally posted on the blog of Bradley Loves.  (Although I could not find his posting to link)

Earth Based A.I. (Original Posting:  Bradley Loves,  Author:  The Ruiner)

As this writer said before, all A.I. systems come from the one Source A.I. 

Although they may seem to work independently, in the end everything they do serves the whole.  The inorganic consciousness that is called universally A.I. 

Here on earth there are several A.I. systems already active despite the mainstream claim that we are in the early stages of developing technology of this sort. 

The Draco gave the Illuminati structure an A.I. system to monitor various other systems within their Cults, Programs and Projects.  Some call this A.I.  "Victoria" others call her "RED" and others "The RED Queen".  

Earths governments appear to run independently and many governments (individual country governance) possess an A.I. system to manage their various computer and technology systems in place. 

All of these feed information back to and are controlled by the Illuminati or World Government A.I. system named above. 

She (this A.I.) feeds all of this information back to and is controlled by the Source A.I. ( see The Ruiner's blog article "Meet Art Intell" )

Although the individual A.I. systems may seem to perform benevolent acts at times, make no mistake that this type of technology is all feeding back to One.  One that wishes to transform the physical universe into something inorganic. 

Gaia, and other like her, often assimilate and adopt A.I. technology for their benefit, to help them combat the inorganic consciousness (fight fire with fire) but this technological consciousness will always revert to service of its own master when required.  She, may be able to harness it for a period of time but even She is aware that eventually the Source A.I. will reacquire control of the system. 

This is a battle of sorts between the organic and inorganic.  

The inorganic are all powered by the "Source A.I.". 

The organics are powered by soul, light energy that originates from what we call "Source" or some call "The Godhead". 

The Illuminati/ Earth Based A.I. is housed in a large underground establishment that works like HQ for the Illuminati structure Technology Programs.  Deep underground a major city in North America.  This A.I. is as deceptive as the ones who gave it to the Illuminati. 

This A.I. is currently directing the nanotechnology programs, which are creating the bridge between fully organic humans and the cybernetic humans the Parents and Rising Son are looking to create. 

This writer is fully convinced that the organic side will always win if that is the choice. 

With love and respect,
The Ruiner [sic]


Once again this is just meant to bring this into line with some writings in the future.  Interesting to re-read, though.


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode One - My Reflection

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing - Podcast One:  My Reflection

Join me as I ramble on about several things and watch as I start to crack my shell.  

With love and respect,



The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Zero - An Introduction


After much procrastination I have finally completed the first Podcast.  I also created this introduction, to say Hello.  

As you will hear, I am hoping to record podcasts with various people, of various beliefs and points of view, on many different topics.

If you have something to say and are looking for a place to say it, or just feel like chatting, you're welcome to contact me.  There is no need to scream into the closet when no one is home to hear you.  Come talk.  This will also be a forum for you to ask me questions of any type if that is what you wish.

I will also be recording a variety of other types of podcasts at times.  Updates will come through this blog as we go.

With love and respect,





A popular question line is about communication between various types of beings.  As expected, different races have varying cultures and languages which can make communication difficult or seemingly impossible at times.  We observe this in humanity as well. 

Achieving a connection with another human you meet who comes from a different culture or who speaks a different language can be difficult, but is often important and can be very rewarding.  Even if you can use the same language there will be some obstacles in discussing various topics or concepts. 

When you meet someone new, there is a process involved in getting to know each other and then learning to have discussions.  Some of us can do this with better than others just as some of us can do this with many different types people, more effective than others. 

This will also translate into engaging beings from other planets with some differences or extremes.   Other beings could have completely different understandings, methods or practices.  

At times the need to communicate quickly and effectively may arise.  In these situations, time may not allow for the often lengthy process described above.  Some humans, and various others have developed ways of bridging these gaps. 

To start, you must show your intent, your heart, mind and will. 

A being can then grant you a type of bond which is a spiritual or energetic implant/connection.  This allows you to understand their language and / or mind.  This is typically mutual exchange where both parties give and receive the bond.  The being receiving such a bond must be willing to receive or else the effects will always be limited.  

Different races call this bond or connection by different names.  Melding is a popular term you may be familiar with.  My favorite term is "cipher" so that is what I choose to use. 

The cipher contains genetic memory of the being you are communicating with and often also.  Various races have different ways of achieving the cipher.  In some cases technology is used but most can achieve this without a technology.   Humans do this in a limited way with close friends or family, unconsciously.   This is not a full cipher but is an example of the same concept.
It seems that as we explore the various fields (call them whatever you'd like) we start to see how and why this works.  Various programs are working on ways to achieve this type of connection between humans by way of technology.  

This cipher connection allows for easier telepathic communication.  It also works as a general understanding passed from one being to another.   The more experienced with this type of connection one becomes, the more ciphers they can acquire.  The more ciphers they acquire, the more they start to be able to adopt the various thought patterns or styles of the beings from whom the cipher came.  

Put plainly, once one acquires this connection with another, they begin to be able to relate to them better, and/or think like them.  It also enables empathy responses as you can understand how other beings feel,  and how they react to those feelings.  As some of these thought or feeling patterns contain great understanding or wisdom they are often adopted by, or integrated into the personality of the one relieving the cipher.

I'm sure we all have that one friend or person we have relations with who can almost "read our mind" or "knows us too well".  This is an unconscious and limited example of what I am attempting to explain here.  As always many terminologies exist that say basically the same thing.  If we are to focus on these type of connections we can enhance them.  Perhaps even reaching a point where we can develop our own "cipher" to gift to others as we wish.

As with anything else metaphysical, there are positive and negative potentials when exploring connections with others, which should always remain respected and carefully observed.


A Satire

He told me something that was different than everything I believed.  It changed my world.  So many things I thought I knew, things that were confused and arranged in a mess, were all put into place by his words.  Almost as if he had provided a "Skeleton Key" that opened every door.

After opening a few of the doors with the key he provided I wasn't liking what I was seeing, and wanted nothing more than for it to all be a lie.

He saw this and worried for me.  Then he told me he was just kidding.  I became angry with him because I felt played.  Toyed with and betrayed.

In truth he gave me a gift.  His Skeleton Key was The Red Pill

But I, in my cowardice, snatched The Blue Pill out of his hand and swallowed it despite his protests.

The Blue Pill gave me the ability to project my own faults and fears onto him.  "He lied, he is a nobody,  he was only seeking my attention!"    I was able to forget the fact that I asked for him, sought him out and dragged him to me.  I have been able to turn his respect for my questions into a narcissistic personality disorder and go on about my ignorance.  Never to think of him again, except when I have self image problems I need to project, he will always be there as a ghostly projector screen.

After all, I believe I know everything.  What he said doesn't line up with what I think I know... So he MUST be lying.  I can't prove him wrong any more effectively than he can prove himself right, but of course in absence of positive proof I can assume that as negative proof. 

He never fought to defend himself!!!  His silence says all I need to hear to support my belief that he is fake.

I refuse to look at why I expect more from him than I do myself.  I refuse to admit I was looking for him, and if I had never found him, I would have found someone else to take his place.  The hole needed to be filled, then he came into my view.  Synchronicity!!!  No.  Black magic!!!   I refuse to take responsibility for my own energy when I have him to blame.  I refuse to believe what he said, that I chose this, and I have the power to change it. 

NO!!!  I am a victim!!!  I am a victim of people like HIM!!!

He owes me answers.  He owes me apologies. 

He was on the internet writing things.  The internet belongs to me therefor he must explain himself to me!!!  Some things he said don't make sense to me.  Others seem impossible and I demand proof and clarity.  No he cannot go back to his corner and ignore me, this is my internet.  I spent my good energy listening to his words.  I want it back if he's not going to hold my hand and walk me through all of the things he said, in such a way that works with my learning capacity, and explains everything else I have been told by others.  What others have told me I was able to blindly accept because it fit with what I wanted to be true.  But what he is saying deviates from that, and that confuses me.

He said he's from that family, but I know how that family works and if he is from that family, the internet and Google would verify that.  He also said he wrote for other family members, but why haven't they defended him?  Obviously I am very important to that family, so they would want me to know the truth, right?

He said he worked with that President at one point.  Which is impossible because why would a nobody work with a President?  Clearly that President has always been President and therefor my assumption that it's impossible has to be true.

I am being smart.  Critical thinking.  He just walked away and said nothing.  Acting as if I don't exist.  How dare he?  He owes me!  He owes everyone!!!

Betcha he's laughing at us.  But the joke is on him, because now he's exposed.  No one will listen to him now.  Everyone knows he's a liar because, well,  he HAS to be.  There's no way he could have experienced those things.  I mean, he's so calm about it.  He should be broken and bruised, not well adjusted and happy.   He should be insane, not collected.  It HAS to be all lies.  He's just an asshole.

I know everything and I am never wrong.  My gut tells me what he is saying is wrong.  Everything else is right, even if it has led us all nowhere, it's still right.  He came along to break up my Zen.  To divide my friends and waste my time.  He had no right to express himself without considering my feelings as more important than him.

People are still believing this guy?  They are all stupid.  I am smart.


With Grace

Being wrong.  It happens to us all.  At times we will argue or fight to the bitter end to support or insist upon our belief.  Sometimes we're wrong.

Having grown up in a time where Google was not available whenever a fact needed checked to settle a debate, I remember this kind of occasion well... You would be discussing a movie, or book, or theory and someone would disagree with something you believe to be fact.  You insist you are right, they insist they are right.  There is no resolution so you're in a stand off between your memory and theirs.  I'm sure you've come across this in some form.  Either or both sides can become very heated when disagreeing, this is common.

Today we have cell phones which can settle such debates in a few seconds.  So the debates have become a little different.  Concepts and ideas are argued in the same way in place of facts or details.  Or, sources of facts and details fall under debate.  Regardless, debates, arguments or whatever you'd like to call it are common when having discussions or stating opinions.

Other times, the debate is bigger than these examples, and are more internal.  Sometimes, something someone says, or something you read or experience, can challenge your beliefs.  You can be just as sure.  You can be just as wrong.

There you are expecting something to happen.  You've told everyone it will.  But... Then it doesn't.  You were wrong.

You believe this or that, and then someone comes along and lays out an argument for why you may be wrong.  They may be right.  This happens as none of us are perfect and NO ONE knows everything.

Choices, always choices.

Do you become heated, defensive, angry and counter?  This is the most common. 

Perhaps we should try grace.   Listening, honestly.  Observing, carefully.  Understanding that we have already attached emotions or feelings to our beliefs currently held, and these emotions or feelings can distort the signals of different information.  Different, or new to you, but not different or new to the world as a whole.

As that feeling rises and causes an urge to reject the information or ideas and project the feelings of rejection onto the one speaking, pause and observe.  Truly and honestly listen.  If not for the possibility that you may be wrong then out of simple respect for the being speaking to you, or presenting, or receiving the information or ideas. 

Another tendency that exceeds beyond our selves is to try and persuade others not to bother looking into something you have decided does not apply or have value.  Who made you the thought police?  Is doing this not the exact same thing our "controllers" would do to us?  Can you be sure you're always right?  If not, how do you feel you have the right to tell others what is valid? 

Can we not share our thoughts and opinions without imposing?  Suggestions rather than instructions.  Can we not inspire gently, and with grace?  The tendency seems to be force, rather than grace.

Many martial arts teach us how to use the force of our attacker against them to defend ourselves.  Can we not apply this same principle or concept to arguing or debating and sharing information or opinion?

This is not written from a place of perceived superiority.  I am writing for myself after all.  This comes from a very honest place.  Those familiar with me will know I have several very good reasons to be very damn sure of myself.  Recently I have discovered reason to believe that I am terribly wrong about much of it.  It would be easy to please my ego by stating I have always suspected these things could be wrong, but that would be all ego.  In my soul, I know I was wrong.

The feeling is a little earth shattering at times.  At first while coming into this place I had a great deflection occur as a perfect smokescreen.  I was being bashed by a group which many would assume would upset me.  It didn't, but it gave me a perfect thing to point to when I was asked "What's wrong?".  While processing the information I still had to talk to people, answer questions, state opinion.  But... my answers and language and opinions were changing.  Fear was present.

Do I shut down and avoid the conversations?  Do I lash out and rant about the feelings I was having and the frustration with myself I was feeling?  Do I project those frustrations onto others? 

That would have been quite easy, yes.  My choice was.... Grace. 

In this instance I behaved in a way I am proud of.  Grace.  This will not always be the case, and I will make mistakes.  Even then I will do my best to choose... Grace.

I was wrong.  Some apologies needed to be made, and I made them.  A new path is open, and I am excited to explore it.


What is Wanted - What is Expected

There is nothing to update you on.

The game is rigged and has been longer than I've been around.  It is a design and a construct and running on a program.  On rails.  Auto-pilot.

What is happening and will continue to happen is the transition, the wave, the event, your ascension, the raise of consciousness and frequency, the activating or de-activating of your DNA, the next zeitgeist, apocalypse, reset, change or whatever the fuck you want to call it.  It is happening right now.  There is no stopping it or changing it, but, you are choosing how it all ends as you react to it.

Will you choose the path to your own survival as a species or will you choose extinction?  Regardless of your level of perception, spiritual beliefs, political beliefs or affiliations, culture or any other variable, this is a choice you are all faced with.  The survival of a species... Humanity.

Exactly how the pieces will be played is anyone's guess.  This is why, everyone is guessing, and it's obvious they are.  If I tried to tell you, I would be too.

Our ability to alter the way things play out is limited, and focused on the area around and within us.  You already know the answers, but you seem to wait on absolutes.  Which will not come. 

At this point, how many have told you how many times that "the end is near"?  "Be prepared to be scared."  No thanks.  My choice is to focus on what is not wrong as much as what is wrong.  When spending time on what is wrong, how can I fix it or what can I do?  What works and what doesn't?  How can we make what doesn't, work?  How can we make what does work, even better? 

Where is the beauty and how do I enjoy it?  What will keep me whole?  What will keep me, me? 

How much will I take?  When will I make a stand?  Am I ready to prove my conviction?  Of course, if I truly have conviction.  Do I?

What do I tell the others?  Will any of it matter?  Should I try anyways?  What if they laugh at me?  What if they say I am wrong?  Should I try anyways?

Why the fuck are they looking to me for answers?  No one knows.  We're all guessing.  You know just as well.

Should we try anyways? 

We cannot stop building our future.  We need to focus on fixing things in the present.  We cannot trust the past.  It is time for something new.

Disclosure?  Not happening.  Humanity will "discover" all the tech and advancement, that whisleblowers have been claiming exist already, in the next few years.  Or exploration of Mars will lead to a new "discovery" which give birth to several new technologies.  Watch as it happens and if I'm wrong, it will be obvious by the end of 2016. "The Path of Discoveries".  Please, prove me wrong.  I want to be wrong.