Digital Burning

This is an agenda, I'm sure you've noticed.  Not nefarious as it may seem.  Not benevolent as some may claim.  Somewhere in between...

First, everything goes digital.  Art, music, literature and all records, all fed into computers, scanned and uploaded to a memory system like a Hard Drive.  Then everything goes to the "cloud".  We can create something like, "The World Brain" - Google.

The physical world is becoming digital and everything else is made of materials that are not meant to last.  Cars, homes, appliances, clothing and all else is designed to only last a short time.

Why make everything digital?  So it can all be preserved.  Why design things not to last?  So they can be erased.

In case of a cataclysm, all information in physical mediums can be destroyed.  Books burn and rot, music distorts and art fades.  These are artifacts of a conscious culture.  Losing them would be akin to losing the entire culture to history.  If we can preserve this information, later generations can benefit from rediscovering this information and then rebuild, or re-imagine.

If such an occurrence were to arise, this information could be replicated, and moved to various locations, so that it is kept safe.

Either to be deliberately recovered, or by happenstance discovered by future generations.  This information can be taken off planet if possible as well.

Or, simply to maintain some record of an extinct species.

Sometimes this process is initiated because the beings within the culture know something drastic is coming.  Earth changes, floods, volcanoes, pole shifts, meteor strikes and any other such possibility.   Sometimes this is done because the civilization thinks, "Hey what a great idea!", all information in one place accessible to all.  Sometimes it is done as part of an agenda to reset a planet, species or civilization.

Either way, if protected, this bank of information can provide a great mystery, or great resource, to future visitors or life forms of the planet, should they be able to access the information.  As well as species on other planets who may have this information shared with them.

Even upon death, not all is lost.


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Six - Lily Kolosova

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Six - Lily Kolosova

Lily Kolosova joins The Whole World Laughing for a conversation.

Lily opens up about her personal journey, process and passion in this conversation which was a great joy for the host.  Lily is known (often as Lily Earthling) in our alternative community for her YouTube presentations and writings.  She is highly intuitive, an empath and a wonderful co-creator of our reality.  She embodies what it truly means to be human and enjoys a direct connection with our wonderful planetary energy.

Hope you enjoy...

With Love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Five - Rohan

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Five - Rohan

Rohan joins me for a candid conversation in which he opens up about his own journey and process.

Rohan is an alternative research enthusiast who is on his own path to find the truth behind our world.  He shares his experiences and thoughts with the podcast host and listening audience.

With love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Four - Randomness

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Four - Randomness

"Randomness" will become the title of any solo podcast without a main topic point.  Podcasts, like this one, where I cover a few topics and stories.

Random thoughts and ramblings... One of many such installments of its like, to come.  Jokes, fences, clones, DNA and souls, Guilty Pleasures, Cats, Spiritualists and potatoes.

With love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Three - Thomas Williams

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing:  Episode Three - Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast for a conversation with Shane.

Thomas is an intuitive, researcher, radio show host and beautiful human being who has been hosting the Cosmic Voice Radio Show with Drake Bailey for years now.  

Our conversation covered several topics and was a wonderful experience for the host.

For more from Thomas you can find him at:

Radio Show:  www.blogtalkradio.com/drakebailey

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/490715054350504/

With love and respect,