A Satire

He told me something that was different than everything I believed.  It changed my world.  So many things I thought I knew, things that were confused and arranged in a mess, were all put into place by his words.  Almost as if he had provided a "Skeleton Key" that opened every door.

After opening a few of the doors with the key he provided I wasn't liking what I was seeing, and wanted nothing more than for it to all be a lie.

He saw this and worried for me.  Then he told me he was just kidding.  I became angry with him because I felt played.  Toyed with and betrayed.

In truth he gave me a gift.  His Skeleton Key was The Red Pill

But I, in my cowardice, snatched The Blue Pill out of his hand and swallowed it despite his protests.

The Blue Pill gave me the ability to project my own faults and fears onto him.  "He lied, he is a nobody,  he was only seeking my attention!"    I was able to forget the fact that I asked for him, sought him out and dragged him to me.  I have been able to turn his respect for my questions into a narcissistic personality disorder and go on about my ignorance.  Never to think of him again, except when I have self image problems I need to project, he will always be there as a ghostly projector screen.

After all, I believe I know everything.  What he said doesn't line up with what I think I know... So he MUST be lying.  I can't prove him wrong any more effectively than he can prove himself right, but of course in absence of positive proof I can assume that as negative proof. 

He never fought to defend himself!!!  His silence says all I need to hear to support my belief that he is fake.

I refuse to look at why I expect more from him than I do myself.  I refuse to admit I was looking for him, and if I had never found him, I would have found someone else to take his place.  The hole needed to be filled, then he came into my view.  Synchronicity!!!  No.  Black magic!!!   I refuse to take responsibility for my own energy when I have him to blame.  I refuse to believe what he said, that I chose this, and I have the power to change it. 

NO!!!  I am a victim!!!  I am a victim of people like HIM!!!

He owes me answers.  He owes me apologies. 

He was on the internet writing things.  The internet belongs to me therefor he must explain himself to me!!!  Some things he said don't make sense to me.  Others seem impossible and I demand proof and clarity.  No he cannot go back to his corner and ignore me, this is my internet.  I spent my good energy listening to his words.  I want it back if he's not going to hold my hand and walk me through all of the things he said, in such a way that works with my learning capacity, and explains everything else I have been told by others.  What others have told me I was able to blindly accept because it fit with what I wanted to be true.  But what he is saying deviates from that, and that confuses me.

He said he's from that family, but I know how that family works and if he is from that family, the internet and Google would verify that.  He also said he wrote for other family members, but why haven't they defended him?  Obviously I am very important to that family, so they would want me to know the truth, right?

He said he worked with that President at one point.  Which is impossible because why would a nobody work with a President?  Clearly that President has always been President and therefor my assumption that it's impossible has to be true.

I am being smart.  Critical thinking.  He just walked away and said nothing.  Acting as if I don't exist.  How dare he?  He owes me!  He owes everyone!!!

Betcha he's laughing at us.  But the joke is on him, because now he's exposed.  No one will listen to him now.  Everyone knows he's a liar because, well,  he HAS to be.  There's no way he could have experienced those things.  I mean, he's so calm about it.  He should be broken and bruised, not well adjusted and happy.   He should be insane, not collected.  It HAS to be all lies.  He's just an asshole.

I know everything and I am never wrong.  My gut tells me what he is saying is wrong.  Everything else is right, even if it has led us all nowhere, it's still right.  He came along to break up my Zen.  To divide my friends and waste my time.  He had no right to express himself without considering my feelings as more important than him.

People are still believing this guy?  They are all stupid.  I am smart.


  1. hmmm.. DM?...DW?...CG?

  2. No lol

    Who is DM?

    With love and respect,

  3. He's not the messiah, just a very naughty boy!

    1. Ahhhh, now I see who you mean ;) No issues with him either. Love and respect to all of those men.

      As well as yourself :)

  4. Respect to you! I'm quite depressed lately about the state of our world and my feelings of helplessness and stupidity, your writing sheds some light in my darkness.
    I always have to read twice to get it, or at least I think I get it, then it travels through different parts of my head as my brain is chewing on it. Reading it again, having an aha etc. Just amazing and wonderful. Thanks.

  5. This just seems like a defensive outlet for you regarding your own struggles despite the proclaimed neutral disposition towards how it all played out. You may be right that you don't owe anybody anything, but this doesn't change the fact your story is ridden with glaring holes that wouldn't even require critical thinking to see. You can't blame people for seeing them and wondering, especially given the subject material and areas it applies to.

    A constant I find most interesting with current and former "Insider" contacts of Mr. Wilcock, yourself included, is that there is always the proclamation of somehow being impervious or above such counter measures that would be applied to stop an actual inside leak from occurring. Whether it's being unaffected but the terrible trauma based mind programs or being able to store memory in such a part of ones self that it is unaffected by the memory wipe techniques and accessed later. Not that I can say anything of these things are not impossible, but to furthermore gone on and state that there is some "prime directive" such as Wilcocks moral standing being adequate as to why they simply aren't eliminated, is well, pushing the boundary of plausibility. These are of course, his own words and not yours.

    Nonetheless, I do find some of what you say interesting and valuable in it's own way.

    1. When I find my "own struggles" to know what you refer to, I will reconsider what you've said above. Thank you for sharing your own struggles with this defensive outlet.

      With love and respect,

  6. In absence of positive proof it can't be assumed that it doesn't exist. When a liar admits its own lies it doesn't mean it is a proof of truth.
    No one excludes lies as part of its own proof of truth.
    With respect.

  7. Another great and thought provoking blog post, as always! Take good care and please keep writing!

    Best always,

    1. You don't understand. I hope our Writer does because I'm very grateful to him. We are "here" - in this reality - to learn from each other. Don't be afraid!
      With respect.

  8. Your choice of words is always so... Touching... Isn't it nice to be ABel to express yourself... Keep em coming, tiger. >insert lyrics to some related song here<

    Don't be such a poor sport. Nobody's used you for anything you didn't volunteer to complete.

  9. Shane,

    when you connect with your source soul and observe Her from the higher plane ... there is no Sun, no Moon, no solar system or its planets, just Her.

    There is no Moon ~ Saturn matrix beyond zero point.

    Can you see it? If you can't you're still in duality, below the plane and in an universe in separation.

    I am grateful for your blogging efforts and I feel your sincere desire to be of service. And I feel your frustration ... some on here sense you feel-out-loud to test your convictions, in search of the missing pieces.

    Such is travelling with others ;)


  10. omg Storybrooke + OUAT. Why didn't someone tell me about that>!>!>!>! :)

  11. Well written – Thank you.

    It takes a courageous person too sincerely self reflect, addressing their own self betrayals; a ‘red pill’ of self mastery where one no longer excuses away their own behaviours by projecting the blame onto others.

  12. The red pill can be a doozy.
    "He's gonna pop!" -- Cypher

  13. "In truth he gave me a gift. His Skeleton Key was The Red Pill.

    But I, in my cowardice, snatched The Blue Pill out of his hand and swallowed it despite his protests."

    In my humble opinion, our Writer swallowed the Blue Pill. Perhaps Realeyes see clearer than me or Homo Superior has a "higher" understanding than mine, perhaps I'm wrong - I don't exclude it.

    If the key is mistaken, the message might go lost. Humans ...

    With Humility and Respect.

  14. For the same humility and respect, and for clarity on The HSUL "doozy, gonna pop" comment that is in reference to the first nine (9) sentences of this post "A Satire", one could argue that the first line represents a metaphorical "red pill", i.e. "He told me something that was different than everything I believed." Then... "I wasn't liking what I was seeing, and wanted nothing more than for it to all be a lie," is the turning point at which Cypher's "he's gonna pop" quote emphasizes. And, after the protagonist's expression of cowardice comes the other pill, metaphorical or not, the blue pill snatched and swallowed.

    And there the story continues... life after having merely tried the red pill for a wee bit, but now completely hooked (back) on the blue pill -- not much different than the average troll, but in this instance, they had a run-in with the likes of... Shane The Ruiner.

    Well, that's my interpretation of this piece of satirical art, with a much "lower" understanding of Shane's higher and ultimate "knowing".

  15. There was no need to take the blue pill afterwards. It was enough to take the red pill and find the skeleton key just opened a series of doors which led to a dead end. After the first couple of doors one only felt compelled to keep going against one's better judgement because the journey had commenced and there was some intrigue about how the story would end. The writer might have been able to avoid hurting people by refusing interviews and stuck to his line that the blog was all fiction. Maybe the temptation to channel his inner Cassandra was too great and he needed to push the story to the point where a critical mass of people would refute him.

  16. Any knowledge of "Roswell"? Was it actually an attempt at disclosure by military officials still loyal to the constitution? thank you