Genetics and Soul

Throughout our universe there is a great divide in belief regarding the soul.

Many races hold onto the belief that their soul does not retain memory of experience or identity (ego).  That when their physical bodies die their consciousness and the spark of life they know as the soul, return to Source and are absorbed and reprocessed.  Reincarnation to these groups means "death of the ego/ identity".

Their goal is then to preserve their physical body and lifetime and prolong their experience as long as possible.

In order to achieve this several technologies exist to extend the natural life time of physical beings.  Either extending the life of the physical body they were born into, or transferring their consciousness into a new body to avoid death.

Due to this belief system some entire planets are used to grow physical specimens to be re-purposed or to generate spiritual energy that can be used to extend a physical life.

This means either stealing the bodies of others or stealing their energy.  Each path is a violation that, in their ignorance, is doing more harm to their soul than good.

The concept makes its way into other belief systems such as "The Genetic Entity" you would learn about studying Scientology.  (just an example)

Those who follow this line of thought understand the soul as being a vehicle to hold their life spark only.  They do not see it as something that shapes the physical world, merely as something that is powering the body which is observing it.  They believe the genetics shape who a being is and will become.

This way of thinking can be observed in the film "Jupiter Ascending" where the beings would harvest humans to create a substance they could use to live for thousands of years.  What some would call reincarnation they described as a re-occurrence of the exact DNA.

I hope that most reading this can see the folly in this.  The soul is much more than an ego or identity and it carries memory of all experience and also has the ability to access more than just its own memory.  It does not fade and cannot be destroyed, and until it completes a massive cycle of development and chooses to return to Source, it will maintain every piece of knowing it ever experiences.

We have, as do many ET races, actual science that proves the soul holds consciousness, not the mind or body or other organs.   I'm sure many of you can find this or have seen this.

Shame some just cannot see this as true.


Watch Your Weather Change

No matter what words you want to apply to the concept, or what cause you choose to attribute the effect to... Something is changing.

There is a major "glitch in The Matrix", and that Déjà vu.  They changed something.  The frequency shifted.  Something, is very different.  Very, off.

Please don't misunderstand me, the results are not all negative.  Fairly balanced in my own opinion.  Off, none the less.  I like to say the masks are breaking, but perhaps you have another metaphor or analogy that better suits yourself.  People are acting out.  Whether it be good, or bad feelings, these extremes are on the surface.  All those little skeletons are peeking out of the closet.  You're dancing, but no one hears your music, so you just look crazy. 

"Now you'll see the damage I've done, my lies are in the light and my shadow in the sun."  -  "Everything I want to be I already am and so much more, loved, and powerful beyond imagination."

The creation of a beautiful paradox.  The breaking of the masks.

It's that period where the transition begins from the caterpillar to the butterfly or moth.  It will hurt.  It will be amazing.  It will be everything and nothing.

So how do we deal with ourselves?  How do we deal with each other? 

Isolation is the first impulse.  Yet it is gathering that we need.  Difference will be so obvious.  Yet it's unity that we seek.  Damn, it's a good thing we are thinking before we feel. 

This is the time all that work you've done was preparing for.  All that "raising your vibration" or consciousness or love energy.  All that forgiveness and compassion... All to be tested now as you are called to action.  You know you hear the call.  You feel it in every cell of your being.

For some of you...You came for this.  You wanted it.  A challenge.   For others... This is not, and will not be, enjoyable.  Although the end result will be worth the ride.

This is nothing to worry about, merely something to remain conscious of,  so that you can act to the best of your ability and minimize potential regrets.  Do your best at all times.  Just be who you mean to be, that's it.  Simple.

Along the way others will surprise you, and disappoint you.  Some will lash out and others will embrace... All normal.  Observe and enjoy the ride.

Keep your smile when you can, and feel those tears as they come.  You're shedding old skin.  This is all good.  Observe and enjoy the ride.

Your heart may break, or it may grow three sizes.  Observe and enjoy the ride.

Your mind may burst or expand beyond reason.  Observe and enjoy the ride.

Believe in your preparation.  Trust yourself to ACT.  Because the masks are breaking and things that were long ago buried are coming to light.

If nothing else... Remember you are loved beyond all imagination.



Let's begin with something far too many seem to overlook.  The vastness and diversity of our universe.

There are too many planets to put a number to that support life.   Our solar system and those closest to us are a poor representation of what other parts of this galaxy and others in terms of the amount of life they hold.

When approaching a race, such as humans, visitors from another star system tend to introduce themselves as being from that star system.  If this were humans visiting another galaxy, they would say "We are from The Milky Way" and those we visit may say we are something like "Milky Wayan".

However we all know there is more to it than that.  Perhaps you are Caucasian, from Brooklyn, and you're Catholic.  All of these would be different than say, someone from China who happens to be Buddhist.  Each of these people would have different experiences, beliefs and perspectives.

We cannot assume other planets are any different in this regard.

What if you were a Mars colonist, black, and Jewish and you visited another planet in another Galaxy. You would have a totally different story to tell the world you are visiting.

Beings from Andromeda visiting earth calling themselves Andromedans is too unspecific as an example.  There could be millions of planets and races from Andromeda in theory.

We also tend to describe ETs in terms of looks.  Greys being the most common.  There are literally millions of different "Greys" groups.  "Tall Whites" or "Tall Blondes"/ Nordics are also not talking about a race or group, but rather an ET body type, like saying "Human".

Even the name Human is widely used.  Humans come in several varieties even in relation to individual planets.  There have been many variations of Earth Human throughout Earth history.

Religions exist on other planets, governments and currencies.  Planets at different stages of development with different preferences and cultures.  Everything we see here multiplied.

The assumption that because a race has acquired the ability to travel the Galaxy and make contact with other worlds are more advanced in ways of morality, is false.  It does not mean they have figured out everything.  Some have very odd and/or twisted beliefs.

The diversity is astounding.  The variety would surprise most who have been following UFO research over the years.

There are few that are of like mind.  Those that are of like mind are mostly hive-mind races, but some are not and have merely found a way to work as a collective.  For the most part however few races all agree with each other on everything regardless of how they are governed or organized.

Which means.. Some are nice. Some are not so nice.  Some seem nice and are not.  Some seem like they are not but they are.

There is no magical utopia over the rainbow completely untouched by the light and the dark.    Some planets are damn close, sure.  The Universe has a funny tendency to wobble for a while to then restore balance again.  It seems to promote growth, but I cannot speak for the Universe of course.

We can go to space.  We are much more capable of traveling and existing off planet than most know.  We are not a united planet all of like mind, or enlightened, or highly evolved, as we tend to expect other races from other planets to be.

This can be hard to accept.  No race has "figured it all out".   As above so below.   Some things they know about, obviously, but not everything.  Some can even overlook or cannot make sense of things that seem simple to us.

People on this planet have figured out many things that are not commonly accepted by the majority.  The majority has accepted things that are incorrect as well.  Yet if we were somehow to magically eliminate all the contradictions and find the roots of our collective knowledge, we would see we have much more figured out than we realize.

The same can be said for races all over the universe as a whole.  This is a process and all planets are at different stages, but the process, is long from complete.


Step Out of the Shadows

I suppose it's time to re-introduce myself.

My name is Shane.  Some may know me as the author of The Ruiner Blog.  This will be something new.  If you are unfamiliar with that blog, please skip this post, and move on to the next.  The following words are meant for those who may already know the writer.

Those familiar with the blog are familiar with my history.  Some believe it, some do not.  Some think it is partially true, some think it's wholly false.

Perhaps my catchphrase at this point, and something you really need to understand about me is... I do not care what others believe.  It does matter to me, but only insofar as it is part of reality creation I share with others. 

I stand behind what I've said in the blog because it all served its purpose.  Now I can move on.   

My age is 35yrs old and I live in Toronto Canada.  I have a day job, I sing for a couple bands and write music for a solo project on the side.  Currently I live with my beautiful girlfriend who is my best friend.  No pets.  I'm a chain smoker and coffee addict who enjoys humor.  My life has been full of paranormal experiences both in a structured setting and unstructured setting.  Aside from those my life has been a series of disasters and most people who know all of it wonder why I am sane.

So welcome to my new blog.  Although this will be very different from the original.

My intention here is personal.  This is for me, not for you.  It will not follow a format or be linear.  It is not a data dump or anything like releasing information to the public.  This will be a place for me to rant, vent, share stories and contemplate concepts and ideas in written form.  If that is not acceptable to you, as I said with the first one... Move along.  Nothing to see here.

Some writings will be part of an ongoing fictional story, focused on two characters.  Some will be responses to things I see in the world.  Some will be sharing positions or feelings on various topics.  Basically, whatever I feel like writing. 

Many will be offended.  More will be disappointed.  This I am prepared for.  I'll state right off the top I don't owe anyone anything, this is my blog, I will write what I want.  As always you will be welcome to comment, although I will not be answering questions or clarifying these writings unless I feel a need.  I apologize in advance to anyone who misses this detail. 

If you are interested this is where I will be.  I also plan on beginning to record podcasts.  Some will be solo and some will be with friends or guest speakers who I invite to have conversations.  Perhaps some interviews, but mainly conversations.  Many podcasts will be extensions of this blog and some I plan to do to translate the old blog into something else.

Those who do wish to read should understand I make no promises, but I welcome you to this little place in my mind that I have desire to share with this page.  Whether anyone ever reads it, or not.

You are all beautiful, powerful, wonderful creators.  You are loved beyond all imagination.

With love and respect to all,