Potency Distortion

The true Laws of Nature just don't seem to apply correctly here, do they?  

Where's the Magic?

Where is the free will?  Where is our mind?  Whatever happened to our imagination? 

Remember.... imagination and will. 

Some may point to themselves right now.   Or a few other scattered examples from history.  Ha.. his story. 

Then I would ask... where is the potency?

The skeptics, the "sleepers" (fuck I dislike that term), the mainstream minded and those prone to follow the popular opinion need more from us than this.  They need potency.  Repeat-ability.  Consistency. 

Why can't we give it to them?

Some may now point to suppression.  The popular tale in our circle of how those who could exhibit magic have been suppressed.   There is some truth to that... as I know.  But...

Where's the Magic?

Where is the free will?  Where is our mind?  Whatever happened to our imagination? 

Remember.... imagination and will. 

Some may point to themselves right now.   Or a few other scattered examples.  

Then I would ask... where is the potency?

Feel like I repeated myself?       I did. 

Echoes are important. 

Many of you have found the walls.  Found the limits to what SHOULD be immeasurable abilities to create, manifest and adjust.  

Even with your projects, you know as well as I, you have found those same walls and limitations.  


What has been popularized as being called "Organic Reality" has no such walls.  No such limitations.  

As I have already told you... the walls are an illusion too.  

Albeit a very POTENT illusion.  

An illusion that is damn near perfect in its design.   It's main trick of keeping us fooled is by mimicking what we know in our souls SO WELL it's almost like an exact replication. 

Like an echo.  

Back to the topic.... where is the potency? 

I will not be giving a full answer but I dare any of you to argue this point... 

The potency is NOT here.  

So if all we are saying is true, and all these stories are real...

Where is the potency? 

Who built the walls? 


With all of these people coming out of project and programs, now sharing knowledge with the public, we should ask ourselves "why?" there as well. 

A tactic often used when trying to find out information from someone, is to share what you know to get others to start talking on a subject, and then sit back and watch their response hoping to discover something from them. 

Or, use what I would typically call a "Me too!" lie.  Otherwise described as using a persons desire to relate to someone. 

Do you truly believe the project and programs have all the answers?

If they did, would they tell you the answers, or would they pervert them and encourage you to spread them? 

If they do... why the fuck are "they" still here, too?

They've missed something.  Something they know "has to be" true but they have yet to isolate. 

Some souls here and now have identified and isolated this "something".  Some souls have entered this system to identify, isolate and counter this, on behalf of its creator and all of creation. 

This will serve as a bridge point into what I want to write about. 

Everything you are identifying now with help of speakers and research is a past.  Not present.  It happened as it is happening.  The end came. A new beginning occurred.  

And now that is coming to an end also.


  1. Shane! So glad to see you again! "Entertainment" or not, you've been missed on a simple, human, heartfelt level. Hope all is well, my friend :)


  2. I think i get you.

    Very potent moments seem to be screened off shortly after occuring by some wall. The jet, waterfall like, almost atomic power fades away leaving one with amazEing experience and few flashed pictures.

    Applying peressurse against simulation yields some results, maybe some fractal pictures, faces or visions of lights intruding visual field.

    Sometimes i feel a wall in my memory. It peeks at me like a walled of reality i'm almost willingly discarding from my memory.
    The reason being is fear of not coming back from pure darkness or void that presents itself. (or maybe just fear of what could come out)

    Best representation of what i feel a wall may be can be found in a movie called "Dark City".
    Some kind of fancy magnetic field. The color of this field dimension is violet, this comes not only from one movie but many.
    Also, i do see it myself. It's all around, just slightly less visible during daytime probably due to the fact that sun's light is brighter.

    A few days ago i read this line that may contain some answers:
    She stole the light from the creator.

  3. Welcome back, Shane. I hope your respite served you well. Perfect timing and uncanny parallel as Laura Leon and I just introduced a new webcast series in the same scope of magik. If interested, it can be viewed on here youtube channel (Lauda Leon) and will be available on my restructured website as soon as my furry therapy team an I manage to get off the homeless rolls and my studio is moved out of storage.

    If I can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

    Marilee NiEtain
    Steward, Primal Pathworker, Crafter, & Author
    Soul Tribe Sanctuary

    1. Lauda - my sister from another mister. :) we are in touch often (always actually).

      You and I will likely speak soon as well. Thank you :)

  4. Have you seen the latest Doctor Who episodes? Exactly what you've been telling us about. We choose between a saviour saving us from ourselves or self-reliance. I think BBC is stealing plot lines from your writings.

    1. Haha I've never seen the show, no. Perhaps I'll watch sometime. :). Thank you.

      With love and respect

    2. These zombie monks in the last episode. That was strong.

      I suspected something was beaming from statues around my town. Always got headaches when going close to them as a child and still i get them. Works like a clock. THE RAGE IS ON.

  5. The potency is there.

    “Why can’t we give it to them?"

    Perhaps the issue is putting the ego-will over the will of the infinite self. There are limits to the former, none to the latter. Is the object is to convince, prove, or persuade? The infinite self would find this wholly unnecessary.

    “Who built the walls?”

    We did.

    We're creating our reality, aren't we?


    1. Use it to do something :) please!

      With love and respect

  6. Interesting comment. Personally, I think that the potency exists, it is just in 'germination' phase at the moment.

    I can't tell you just how many people are ready and waiting for something to happen so they can jump in and ACT, whether it's anti-vaxxers, Oath Keepers, chemtrailers, antiGMO'ers etc.

    I don't think we have much time to wait. On almost every front now, the elite are pushing the envelope for total control. For example, there are bills in almost every state to force vaccinations; the Bundy ranch/Malheur thing has galvanized the 'patriots'; Monsanto poisoning the world with glyphosate has marshaled a lot of people against GMO's etc.

    What is needed is the 'spark' that unites all these different groups to a single awareness that in all cases, it's the SAME PEOPLE doing this to everyone - and I think we are pretty damn close that now. Once that happens a LOT will happen in a hurry.

    If I were to guess, I'd say that revelations over pedophilia will be the uniting factor. Talk about POTENCY...

    ...but if you want proof of potency *now*, check out these guys:


    Ever hear of Wilhelm Reich? Well, this couple makes orgonite for a living - a substance that was proven by Reich to generate life-force energy (something he paid for with his life for proving). They took a stand and made thousands of pieces of orgonite and spread them far and wide along the west coast, and since then we have had RAIN! I helped them along by donating my entire crystal collection, but these people have done all the work.

    There is stuff going on everywhere you look, if you have the eyes to see...

    1. Seeing and pointing out problems, is not what I am speaking of.

      This is about the use of magic and the creative abilities we as human all possess, which lack potency. We should be capable of much more than we are.

      On your side of this discussion, we agree. Consciousness is rising and people are figuring out the deceptions. :)

    2. Thanks for your quick reply.

      I'm not sure that we aren't talking past each other here, or if I simply don't get what your idea of human magic and creation should look like? Maybe it's just semantics, or I'm totally missing your point. Which wouldn't be the first time...

      Your quote: "Consciousness is rising and people are figuring out the deceptions" - I would say that this is the first step. Before anything changes, people need to see that the old systems no longer work.

      That is happening in spades right now as people are seeing these deceptions - and *trying* to use the old system to change things...only to see that that NO LONGER WORKS. And *that* is what is driving the magic that I am seeing, as people learn to sidestep these systems... though I do agree it is a pretty small segment of humanity doing things at the moment. But it is happening, and more and more frequently.

      Let me give an example from my perspective.

      I am currently an employee of a scientific facility in California. I do toxicological studies on river and waste water, and I've done so for many years.

      Several years ago I noticed that the fish I tested were dying when exposed to river water. To make a long story short, I discovered it was due to aluminum poisoning, and I correlated it to chemtrail spraying.

      I decided to do something about it, so I got together as much data as I could and contacted Dane Wigington of geoengineering fame (which I now regret as he's totally into the 'global warming' meme, but whatever).

      We shared some e-mails and data, but after a while our e-mails were intercepted and interfered with, then my computer AND my phone went kaput when I tried to recontact him. At that point, I gave up on trying to use the existing system...

      ...because I discovered Wilhelm Reich and his work (look him up if you are unfamiliar).

      After I bought some orgonite devices and determined that they do work, I found 'Team Chembow', who BY THEMSELVES made and distributed enough orgonite around cell phone towers to disrupt the 'frequency fence' used to deny California and Oregon rain!

      TWO PEOPLE did this, and from where I sit now doing my tests I can confirm that even though the spraying continues, IT HAS NO EFFECT!! I have not had a dead fish in my tests since last October.

      So my question: is that not potency of a sort? If so, I am seeing some of that in many different fields. If not, them I'm really not getting what you mean.

      In any case, thanks again - I always enjoy your discussions and have learned a lot since your original 'Ruiner' days.

    3. Organic technology - organite. A type of magic that is well within the walls I am talking about.

      Telekinesis- "magic". Organic ability that has unnatural limits here. Has walls that shouldn't need be there.

      Psychic abilities as well. Most experience and report limitations on these abilities that should not exist.

      Typically this is explained by things like Genetic Manipulation or GMO's or Chemtrails or other such methods of control. Which makes sense but...

      ... I believe that souls are far too able or powerful to be controlled in the ways that they are, once aware that they are.

      I do not believe that this requires any sort of "critical mass" type factor to "activate" or anything like this.

      As example... I fully believe that even this small alternative community has the ability to throw off this control, clean and heal this planet and these bodies... in an organic setting.

      All this said I do fully understand the point you are making, and I agree this is a type of magic.

      My only point is that it is a type of magic that fits within the walls.

      Hope this makes sense. Always nice to hear your thoughts and thank you for the discussion and sharing your experiences. :)

    4. Aaahhh...now I see. Thank you.

      So, what seems to *be* is that people have settled for far less than what is possible. I think that is because they have been told for so long that what is possible is so restricted they have forgotten what IS on a soul level.

      What is portrayed in the movies, like what Neo can do in 'The Matrix', or what superheroes can do in 'Batman'; 'Wolverine'; or 'Wonderwoman' - that isn't fantasy, but CAN BE! And we have lost that belief.

      I get it.

      Thanks again for putting forth your thoughts. I personally had not thought 'beyond the walls.'


      Can you explain this in such a way that people can 'get it', and BELIEVE it?

      ...or, is that a superhuman feat? Or - what you hinted at what you wanted to write about, and I am spoiling your surprise?


    5. I'm not sure that I can, but I am going to try. :)

    6. This is the Shane I know and love.... but older, wiser. Great to see you back. Thank you for helping me grow. Sam

  7. Jumping back in...

    My oldest son is 2. I walked him to kita this morning. (Kita is German day-care as we are temporarily living in Germany). His teachers have been working on teaching him "hello" and "goodbye." For months he has been very shy about this, avoiding eye contact and replying only with a quiet, "Ja." One day he had a breakthrough. He planted both his feet solidly on the ground, almost like a Care Bear, looked his teacher straight in the eye and shouted "guten MORGAN!" The exuberance, pure joy, and power of this greeting shook every one in the room (including four tired and cynical Germans). He continues to welcome each individual every day with pure exuberance and joy. And their heart responds. If extraordinary everyday moments like these are not potency, I don't know what is.

    Re: psychic limitations. It is my belief that I am 100% responsible for my experience in reality. 100%. If I experience limitations, then I need to make an adjustment OR accept that there is a very good reason for these limitations that my higher self understands, but I do not.

    I signed on to jump into this giant escape room. Like many, I suffered. But now I think it's fucking fun. It's fucking magical. And people that aren't even consciously aware of all of the control and manipulation are taking actions that are helping.


    That's potency.


  8. lol that's nice but..


    Shane i was serious about the sun, do you think it tries to convert me to some kind of japaneese version of judaism :-)?

    1. Enjoy your war games! :-)


    2. Thank you, shit's fucking scary: https://laymansbible.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/fashion-king-hasidic-jews.jpg

      Just imagine waking up with this thing on your forehead.. :-)

  9. So few people have imagination these days and that is because the child in them is dead.
    Also there is no will because we have learned to do as we are told,there is no need for will when the only thing you need to do is to OBEY.

    Nothing humane here, we are good as dead.

  10. It's hard to see the wall...

  11. The potency is there. Just leave the city and its chemtrails, gmo, fluoride water, electromagnetic pollution and you'll find it once back on the Path.. Case in point, after spending a year and a half in West Africa (all free of the above), I came back to CA in late 2012 & had so much Chi (with which you actuate the magick) that I actually thought we'd move to 4D (old 2012 speak)..

    1. Please watch out for the ILLuminati microwaves, just be safe.

      What is it, this factor that makes people notice what's out of sight?
      It sure isn't age, i see wrinkled babies everywhere and they won't go. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9kXstb9FF4)
      It's like every sunrise and sunset is just a plain mockery now and people are allowing those social interactions that downgrade everyone to a multidimensional vector of attributes in some slave simulation machine. Fuckers try growing decision trees in our minds like master seeders.

      Btw. I tried telekinesis and i see this slight outline of the object but it just wiggles in place like it's made of light but is glued to it's original position.
      I tried this in my room at night but the bangs just increase. There must be an outside factor to this, and it won't go?

  12. "Belief" itself is the prison. Think about it... belief is pre-creating that which you think may be, based on presumptions, aside from the actual reality of it.

    You can only know reality. You can only believe in fantasies.

    When some one says they "believe" in god, what they are doing is saying "I think that god is here, but not here, and has these characteristics, but not these." With nothing but fantasies and imagination, some one has just created what they "believe" god to be, frozen in time. "This is where god starts, and here is where god stops". The belief created the walls around their god.

    Don't believe in anything. Reality is only what is here now in this moment. Your belief in the future isn't reality. Your belief in the past isn't reality. Your belief about yourself isn't reality. Beliefs are just thoughts that have no inherent meaning.

    Magick is just making you believe in something that's not true. If it was true, why would belief be needed in the 1st place?

    Every belief is just a limitation. A half-truth. A lie.

    Don't believe in anything. Experience the truth of the moment instead and don't be so quick to come to any conclusions about it.

    Now you are starting to play with infinity.

  13. Was it you down there?

  14. You're quite right... Not even considering what might be deemed "magick", the majority of us don't even have a basic connection to the land. Yes, some have grown up to appreciate nature, but we are not in tune with its story. I feel that it should be a basic human capacity to communicate with nature and all its life forms. To be able to tune into a trees wisdom and all it has seen by a simple touch of the hand.

    Why we are so cutoff is quite a mystery to me, and it in my seems to be getting worse as you notice the degeneration of consciousness in our technology based society and the chaotic effects it proposes on the natural harmony of nature. I don't believe either that it is only a select few or powers that granted to that of a Shaman with the assistance of psychoactive plants.

    We've drifted so far off our natural state...

  15. Fucking shit Shane, it clicked.
    We are being kept in a simulation where they made VR into reality and reality into VR.
    Reason being they hate our asses and dreams are their way of using us to their own means like war through nano interface they send us to the reality and reimplant memories upon respawn.
    FUCK, seems like a fantasy right?


  16. I doubt you haven't seen the guy yet but just in case:

  17. The belief created the walls around their god.