A popular question line is about communication between various types of beings.  As expected, different races have varying cultures and languages which can make communication difficult or seemingly impossible at times.  We observe this in humanity as well. 

Achieving a connection with another human you meet who comes from a different culture or who speaks a different language can be difficult, but is often important and can be very rewarding.  Even if you can use the same language there will be some obstacles in discussing various topics or concepts. 

When you meet someone new, there is a process involved in getting to know each other and then learning to have discussions.  Some of us can do this with better than others just as some of us can do this with many different types people, more effective than others. 

This will also translate into engaging beings from other planets with some differences or extremes.   Other beings could have completely different understandings, methods or practices.  

At times the need to communicate quickly and effectively may arise.  In these situations, time may not allow for the often lengthy process described above.  Some humans, and various others have developed ways of bridging these gaps. 

To start, you must show your intent, your heart, mind and will. 

A being can then grant you a type of bond which is a spiritual or energetic implant/connection.  This allows you to understand their language and / or mind.  This is typically mutual exchange where both parties give and receive the bond.  The being receiving such a bond must be willing to receive or else the effects will always be limited.  

Different races call this bond or connection by different names.  Melding is a popular term you may be familiar with.  My favorite term is "cipher" so that is what I choose to use. 

The cipher contains genetic memory of the being you are communicating with and often also.  Various races have different ways of achieving the cipher.  In some cases technology is used but most can achieve this without a technology.   Humans do this in a limited way with close friends or family, unconsciously.   This is not a full cipher but is an example of the same concept.
It seems that as we explore the various fields (call them whatever you'd like) we start to see how and why this works.  Various programs are working on ways to achieve this type of connection between humans by way of technology.  

This cipher connection allows for easier telepathic communication.  It also works as a general understanding passed from one being to another.   The more experienced with this type of connection one becomes, the more ciphers they can acquire.  The more ciphers they acquire, the more they start to be able to adopt the various thought patterns or styles of the beings from whom the cipher came.  

Put plainly, once one acquires this connection with another, they begin to be able to relate to them better, and/or think like them.  It also enables empathy responses as you can understand how other beings feel,  and how they react to those feelings.  As some of these thought or feeling patterns contain great understanding or wisdom they are often adopted by, or integrated into the personality of the one relieving the cipher.

I'm sure we all have that one friend or person we have relations with who can almost "read our mind" or "knows us too well".  This is an unconscious and limited example of what I am attempting to explain here.  As always many terminologies exist that say basically the same thing.  If we are to focus on these type of connections we can enhance them.  Perhaps even reaching a point where we can develop our own "cipher" to gift to others as we wish.

As with anything else metaphysical, there are positive and negative potentials when exploring connections with others, which should always remain respected and carefully observed.


  1. Smarter everyday. I bet this is what happens during some initiations when people describe it as linking mind of guru with desciple.
    Also, the stories about mentor giving his mind abilities upon death to student (f.e. in "Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master" by Sri M).
    I'm curious if this communication can result in seeing blue/purple/white dots in vision field. Not to mention the purple mist in mind's eye or white flashes. Damn, when the secrecy will end?

    1. I saw this grid of dots every night before going to sleep when I was about 5-7 years old!

      It would calm my fears and help me go to sleep...please share more! What does it mean???

      Thank you in anticipation?

    2. Sorry, but I do not know and could only speculate. Trust yourself to know.

      With love and respect

  2. A Cipher I Wish To Become by Rommel Esmeria

    I wish I was more of a fool,
    Whose only happiness is to make folly my desires;
    Nonsense to which I assented my ego,
    To err the only decency I fondled.

    I wish I was more of a coward,
    Whose only dismay is I myself being a hero;
    A morsel of gallantry is scattered,
    Losing the identity of a knight errant.

    I hate it when I become so enthused,
    With the thing most of the people hate;
    Or perhaps I am just so fond of pretensions,
    Candidly spoiling the inceptive of sanity.

    I hate it when the heart's debacle is unmasked,
    Becoming too mundane to obscure;
    Dragging me to the abyss of deception,
    Desperately seeking for my lost soul.

    What can I be to you? A scoundrel perhaps?
    A naught would be much appalling too;
    It gives me no option for bliss,
    Nor the dire longing for a kiss.

    I walk leaving with no trace.
    Head held up like a king with no crown;
    Wide enough my kingdom it may seem,
    My queen I lost, my treasure I wasted.

    How can I get up from below,
    Deserting the future it may offer;
    I can only do a little with what I have,
    Constantly waning from what is left inside.

    I wish of my own stupidity, bragging it loosely,
    Claiming my own ardor in disdain;
    The desolation was never in my mind,
    Until I lost my fervor, my amity, my love.

    1. Thank you, always, for these contributions. :)

      With love and respect,


    1. Awesome! Thanks for link. I just started researching where our scientists are currently at with our "lens" capabilities. It's getting exciting, we are drawing ever nearer to a watershed event that will transform our world when one day we will have a "lens" attached to every camera that can detect whether you have an immortal soul, or not!

      Not to mention how flat and round earth will be redefined :)

    2. Thanks for bringing up snakes and entities! Does anyone know anything about "Winged Serpents"? I can find lots of info about Reptilians, Insectoids, Grays, etc., but zilch about these entities. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  4. "To start, you must show your intent, your heart, mind and will."

    Just thinking aloud here -- or maybe writing such thoughts previously heard, who now knows? After a potential receiver displays some level of "a start", it would seem that a sender would then be able to detect the energies of such intent, heart & mind.

    And so, a sender would, in fact, be engaged in a cipher with a "new receiver" for a duration before this receiver is fully aware of their first true cipher. As such, a "sender with integrity" would then send a message to notify one of an open cipher, such as this posting, to nudge or tap a receiver. [The aforementioned points to the plausibility that our writer may, in fact, have such power to cipher, and may have already ciphered with a reader or two of this particular blog or intends to do so , i.e. it is plausible our writer did not merely pick this topic to randomly post for the sake of posting.]

    After being notified of an open cipher, a new receiver then is able to consciously leverage their "will" to extend the duration and perhaps increase the strength of the cipher -- or attempt to close it for lack of desirability or inability to handle impact of cipher -- hence the writer's caveat of "negative potentials".

    1. Thank you for your words. For the record, no I am not/have not opened any ciphers with readers. My energy goes in to the writings, but that is as far as I allow an energy exchange between myself and this blog, or it's readers. You clearly have a wonderful mind and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here.

      With love and respect,

    2. Admittedly, this mind is full of wonder, and is here to observe... to learn... to understand why the caged bird sings... to evolve.

  5. Shane, you haven't really said much about your spiritual background, although you've obviously been through a lot of changes and working hard to raise your consciousness. I'm sure many would like to know more about what has helped you on the way. What kind of teachings, writers, techniques, etc.

    1. Thank you for the line of questioning. I will ensure I make this a focus soon.

      With love and respect,

  6. Was the ark of the covenant also a "cypher" technology between us and "source" or was it another deception and control mechanism?