The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Shane The Ruiner with Jay Campbell For "Decoders of Truth"

Here is a new upload to the podcast channel....

This is a cross post of an interview I did with Jay Campbell and the group "Decoders of Truth". 

This covers much of the material written into the original "The Ruiner Blog". 

To find more of Jay and Decoders of Truth, please check out these links:



Hope you enjoy! 

With love and respect,


  1. This son, golden yellow eyes, autum colored face, impressive jaw and massive presence?

  2. What better person to manage a crowd of inebriated neophytes engaged in futile and counter-productive turf wars over inconsequential bullshit.... than one who does such a thing for a living every single day.

    Life really is nothing more than a series of difficult conversations.

    If one has the countenance for such endeavours mind.

    with tragic regret,


  3. Hey Shane...I loved your interview with Jay Campbell. The truth makes me feel lighter and a lie makes me feel heavier. I feel a whole lot lighter after listening to that! You speak with such grace and respect....it's illuminating. Thanks for your generosity.....as you melt more and more hearts through the alternative media let's hope we start to see an abundance of Respect and Love. Thanks from New Zealand. Rachel

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