The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Thirteen - A 13th Floor

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Thirteen - A 13th Floor.

The host speaks to his experience of the structure called Illuminati.  The origins, creators, history, tracings and functions are all touched upon.

Other topics include "Disclosure", magic and psychology, and how beautiful you all are.

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  1. Your statement: "I believe that the Parents Transhumanism not only will succeed, but has already succeeded. That we are living in that creation right not. But that my friends is another story?"

    This to me IS THE STORY! Transhumanism with humanities explorative technology today is just bait that diverts from this fact. Today's transhumanist movement is just working at tunneling deeper into this false hologram. I am stunned that I couldn't see this clearly, say 30 years ago, when today it is so "f@#%ing obvious. Even the sky, day or night, is wallpaper to me, and if I wasn't so perturbed at being on the inside looking at it, I would laugh . . . actually some days I do look up and laugh when I remember how I used to look up and go ga ga in adoration of its supposed grandeur - when it's nothing but a bloody picture made up of code designed to imitate infinity.

    So an event actually has happened to me and is why "the event is coming, the event is coming" is also just bait to keep us distracted from ACTUALLY seeing the reality of what is right in front of us.

    How did I get from experiencing everything with my physical senses as REAL, to now tangibly recognizing it all as a CONTAINER. And because of this shift in my physical perception, even though I can't see through the container, yet, I know that because it is a container there is something outside it . . . and it is this that keeps me sane . . . most days. Even if it is only for the odds that if I were on the outside I would never stop working tirelessly to send camouflaged messages, (to avoid censorship), in order to help those trapped smash the f@#%ing walls from the inside, as it appears it is our belief systems on the inside that provide the glue that holds the code in place. So, surely, there's gotta be someone else like little 'ol me on the outside.

    1. Why do you think that everything is so bad?? I don't understand... I want to understand.

  2. What they are preparing for is coming... abrupt, catastrophic climate change within our lifetimes. And with it the release of radiation from our broken nuclear reactors and cooling pools. The earth's next mass extinction event.


    This is a done deal and baked in. Nothing will stop it.

    The elite have survived this in the past and believe they will do so again.

    Think about where the elite habitate... what do starships, submarines, castles, mansions, and underground bases all have in common? The elite live closed off and protected. They always have. It's where they come from and how and where they will ride out the next apocalypse.

    In a few thousand years they will emerge and enslave the surface survivors once again. They did it 13,000 years ago. They are prepared to do it again.

  3. Thank you. A thought provoking podcast for sure. We love you, too.

  4. Shane, thank you for sharing this, sharing your thoughts and experiences. Although I have a few questions to you and I'd like you to address them in some way in your future talks.

    1. We all are developing, trying to achieve better understanding and higher consciousness. Our kids are better than us. So as a humankind we want to be better and more developed.
    Why do you think that transhumanism is bad?

    2. Why do you think that it's bad for humankind to want what "they" want? What made you think that "their" wishes are vicious?

    3. Yes ETs are not the same, their thinking is not the same, they form different groups. Do you think that "the order" is unified and solid as one? It doesn't seem logical to me.

    4. It seems logical to me if a humankind will be somewhat unified in front of other ETs. I think it's good if we could face outerworld with sober united decisions - unlike Native Americans, who were defeated by Europeans because of their separation.
    Why do you think it's bad for the whole Earth to unite?

  5. can you comment on archons relative to draco from your experience.

  6. Ironic, as I was not aware of this site but just heard you mention it in your Project Camelot interview and as soon as your page loaded I couldn't help but notice the title of this post and the image jump out at me since I posted the same exact photo and went into detail on the 'The Thirteenth Floor' to help explain the nature of reality on my site a month ago, a couple weeks before this post. Synchronicity.


  7. Shane, great podcast. If I may, what is the lie the Parents sold to their human minions to justify the Agenda? Many txs,

  8. Shane do you revisit old posts?