The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Fourteen - Claudia

Claudia joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast to finally remove her cloak, and share herself with the audience. 

She shares her personal journey of living her truth by way of imagination and will.  Her experience is inspiring.

Some may know Claudia as Karelia, co-founder of Earth Empaths.


With Love and Respect,


  1. hello Shane
    thanks for sharing your story with the unintended audience to help us putting the puzzle of the show created by the rulers together. I appreciate that.

    (you don't like #13 that is why you numbered this podcast #14?)
    this control system structure from Draco you have discussed in Podcast#14 can also be seen (with lesser severity) in other social structures than families....but I understand that if we still live with a victim mentality, we tend to provoque similar scenarios if we never new something better.

    I will go off topic here but I wonder if you know anything about sphere orbs holding energy field "wave" you talk about in your other blog. I was reading Corey Goode and Cobra website Sphere alliance group where it was mentioned that there are quite few orbs/sphere produced by ET assisting in change n consciousness is artificially masking our planet from that energy to allow us to become more conscious about our connection to earth as this mater of control system on humans on ground & below is being negotiated by revealing truth about Et and our evolution. any comment on that matter would be appreciated. Also I get the feeling that we will get this WW3 that we hear about if USA faces similar doom as in Germany (with what's going on in slow pace in schools and communities)where dos then Canada stands even though it's run by same people? any comment on that?

  2. Hi Shane. Many thanks to you in your oh so appreciated continuance.
    I remain out here and listening mostly silent...
    I only this morning listened to your podcasts #'s 14 and 13 (in opposite order that they are named,lol)
    I wanted to share this with Claudia directly, as well, though I find I cannot access the comment section of her blogsite due to a suspension on membership secondary to an overwhelm of volume of membership apps! Lol!
    Love it!
    My Eternal Focus is the advancement of the BEings of this Earth through our evolutionary leap with intent for the Greatest Good of ALL.
    With Love and Deep Respect,

    1. Thank you for your words.

      With love and respect,

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