The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Fifteen - Phil B

Phil B joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast to discuss the lies we tell ourselves.

He shares his personal experiences and asks the host some questions as well.  His honest desire to find truth and know himself is wonderful and made for a fun conversation with many laughs.

~We love Phil... Phil likes to flick his pen... We forgive Phil ;) ~

With love and respect,


  1. Why does every instance of a person's paranormal/alien abduction/hidden society experience story come out of some sort of history of childhood abuse? It seems to be the common denominator across the board. I can't help but wonder if these stories are some sort inner defense mechanism that a child builds in order to somehow explain away their trauma to themselves.

    I'm not discounting these experiences out of hand as not being true... but damn if there's this common thread that by in large is known to cause disassociation, multiple personalities, and fantasy building. To the child they have all these powerful "experiences" that seems like reality to them, when really they were just fabricating some new reality to help them deal with being chronically abused.

    A "special" summer camp? Really?

    Elite secret society parents? Or maybe just everyday abusive ones.

    Just using a bit of Occams Razor here.

    I do buy the negative energy-sucking demons preying on the weak-willed alcoholic, though. That's pretty much enough to explain everything in this world.

    1. I can totally see how this is what you think.
      Consider this quite often.
      These events are something that makes it's way to your consciousness when you crash hard enough.
      For some this may not be true - how Shane talks that he could do these things from early childhood.
      Nevertheless, sleep awareness is real.
      Though i don't advise trying to stay conscious from first seconds. This is something one can do.
      Not one positive story about that, but you will surely experience some sort of strange.
      You can say, sure.. it's sleep.
      It doesn't seem so when you try. And my current understanding is that this awareness makes way to waking state. Then strange thing happen.
      But it doesn't have to be through sleep.

    2. What do you mean by "strange things happen?" I understand lucid dreaming and astral projection and all that.

      And by what I said, I don't not believe in this stuff. I just find the childhood abuse common thread a little eyebrow raising.

      Shane describing how he could train people to move their souls into a cloned body... special talent or maybe another way to just say dissociation and split personality learned because of abuse suffered as a small child? The teacher/consultant part makes the one abused "special" and provides reasoning for why they had to go through it.

      I love what you do, Shane, but from what you've described from your childhood and hints from how you interacted with family members and classmates, it sounds like you may have experienced some dark stuff... things that break young minds.

    3. I suppose, then, that humans are more capable of enduring the dark than you must believe. For that I am grateful :)

      Not all react, or act, exactly the same, in the same situations. Absolutes are dangerous. "every" in your first message is very misused. There are many sharing experience who have no childhood abuse involved with their stories. The same tendency has followed the rest of your logic above. There are many people in this world who suffer abuse and go on to healthy lives. Humans are definitely a lot more "special" than you are giving credit to, it appears.

      With love and respect,

    4. Hey Shane, with regard to your comment... absolutely (pun!). You are right, not everyone who has these sorts of experiences fits into a nice neat package. Pointing out that all the factions and entities and societies are never a homogeneous group is one of your hallmarks. I apologize for my generalizations.

      Keep up the good work.

    5. What i meant was: (you can interpret it anyway you want)
      Your brain/mind whatever allows more perception than normally.
      Let's assume we haven't stopped evolving.
      To evolve, there had to be some sort of involution.
      Forced or not. By crashing, watching a stone, whatever practice or just allowing life to happen, you reach into different states o mind.
      This happens in some way when you take drugs, sleep, are tired, are fasting...
      What is really interesting to me is that it becomes a part of your reality. When you ask for it and make up your mind that you can 'stand' it.
      Still, this is what i think now, have experienced and there are probably many other explanations.
      But these explanations get boring with time.

    6. It comes out this way because they've all suffered unimaginable abuse so as to be completely programmed and controlled for a desired purpose. Despite many of the "whistleblowers" claims of overcoming their programming or being unaffected by it, the more-than-likely scenario would be they're proposing a desired narrative by their handlers, whether they believe their experiences to be genuine or not. Take a look at Wilcocks latest postings and you'll notice the segement about Cory's interactions with a character called 'The Wrangler'. Despite being a part of a lower "SSP Alliance" which are supposed good guys he was to employ methods of torture and abuse on Cory for disclosing some intel after being picked up and drugged by a Cabal group, revealing sensitive information even though it wasn't his fault. Read between the lines and what does this sound like? It's another instance of Cory's interaction with a handler, and I seriously doubt it was the intervention of the benevolent Blue Avians that spared him whatever programming he further endured.

      This isn't to downplay the horrible things these people, and maybe even Wilcock himself have endured. It really isn't their fault in the end, but it's of no coincidence there's not ever any evidence and all we have to go on is hearsay to go along with this fantastical tales that actually conflict each other on purpose so as to prosper more confusion.

  2. Replies
    1. It was published out of order... Before Episode 13.

      With love and respect,

    2. I see now. I missed that one! Thank you.

  3. The content of 13 seemed to mirror a lot of what I have experienced lately, what with Facebook, and all. Hope you're well.


  4. Most people don't understand, that magic or no magic - doesn't really matter, you have to be responsible for your actions, the law of karma is still valid. Magic means actions with your thoughts and with a little help of the whole system. To do that, you have to be very closely connected to that very system. May be your actions are not seen by people, but they are very much visible to the system. Good deeds push you forward, bad deeds hold you back. Magic or no magic.

  5. sure wish there were transcripts available, there's a LOT of interviewer filler in this podcast. I really got a lot out of your last blog, but this format is tough going.

  6. Maybe we just hear the bigger stories. There are energetic vampires on various levels. Plenty of children are molested/abused growing up who don't have such fantastic stories but they do have some other worldly energetics involved.
    Much Respect, Ruiner!

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  9. I do buy the negative energy-sucking demons preying on the weak-willed alcoholic, though. That's pretty much enough to explain everything in this world.

  10. Do you still reply to emails?

  11. I get why you have not posted, just know your voice is missed. wishing you well.

  12. Are you on hiatus?

  13. Replies
    1. I am. I don't mean to make anyone worry. All is well :)

  14. Jesus, man... I was wondering for months. Will you make a video soon?

  15. Antartica pyramid - ' you shouldnt be in this part of the simulation'..any thought??