The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Eleven - C.W. Chanter

It has finally happened... The adventure continues.  C.W. Chanter Joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast.

Some banter with Chanter as we discuss personal beliefs, religion, psychology, differences of opinions and beliefs, the difference between facts and opinions, and accountability.  C.W. explains his religion, Common Well Chanting,  and may have mentioned some internet personalities.  In no particular order.

See his YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzED...

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  1. Chanter isn't quite correct with what he said about Advaita. The practice of questioning the nature of the self leads to the realization that there fundamentally isn't a self... the self is a continual, morphing moving target of pure subjectivity. The self is just a thought-form that has no "better-ness" than any other thought-form. All thoughts are fundamentally untrue. Therefore the self doesn't exist. Your true nature is void.

    Now, what's the benefit or result of the fact that you are ultimately nothing? In the wonderful, paradoxical way duality works, being nothing means that you now have the potential to be (experience, manifest) everything. You are the space in which everything happens. The only boundaries or limits you have are your own conditioning and beliefs... which happen to run deep in this crazy culture we have.

    So yes, as Chanter said, in a way you can come to the conclusion that you are God... but that's again just an un-provable belief that actually puts another limit on you. Lots of baggage with that one, and not a helpful viewpoint.

    All you ultimately can know is that you are Awareness itself, which has the quality of being infinite. And so all one can do is surrender to The Mystery and observe it all unfold and enjoy the sweet novelty along the way.

    That is Advaita.

  2. With love and respect, Chanter is a lot of fun in a debate but a bit tame on his own, I don't find him that enlightening to listen to.

  3. CW
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