The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Ten - Niels Kunze

Niels Kunze joins the The Whole World Laughing Podcast for a conversation about the importance of developing a connection to nature, art and music as a personal process and even a little talk about "Bigsquatch".

Join Shane and Niels as they get to know each other publicly.

Hope you enjoy...

With love and respect,


  1. Funny right after one of Thomas' shows I had the whole eco village idea running through my head for weeks. I think he is right though most people have conditioning and emotional baggage they don't even realize. It makes for a tough situation of egos.

    His love of nature also reminds me a lot about Laura Eisenhower she would make a good guest IMO.

  2. Great podcast! Thank you so much, Shane, for featuring Niels Kunze. He is mega interesting, fun, inspiring and uplifting to listen to. Wishing you a great day.

    1. Agreed! Looking forward to having him back as well :)

      With love and respect,