The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Eight - Paul and Lisa

Paul and Lisa join The Whole World Laughing Podcast to discuss their personal process, journey, passions and relationship.

Some may know Paul (aka Sirius P Dogstar) as a radio personality and speaker who works to deliver "an alternative perspective on mainstream financial, geopolitical and economic news.". 

To follow his work, check the Facebook link below.

The Sirius Report Facebook

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  1. honestly, I love this conversation. it gives me a cautious flicker of hope for humanity. but then I look around...and see the seething anger, bordering(?) on hate, for man against man in every direction. darkness everywhere. ignorance everywhere. fear everywhere. I belong to several music forums and nearly all the discussion is political bickering ('bickering'...ha. that's putting it mildly). I'm not feeling the resurfacing love vibe that you folks are. but I do sincerely love these conversations...they do something for my weary heart! and I so hope you are correct Shane (and Paul and Lisa), in that humanity will soon get a clear, unclouded, undistorted opportunity to see the truth, rise above this darkness and take our world back. we've never before had the option w/out a lot of insidious, organized infiltration and manipulation taking place, ultimately and easily destroying any momentum gained, if there was any. at any rate, you all have my respect, gratitude and friendship. thank you.