Step Out of the Shadows

I suppose it's time to re-introduce myself.

My name is Shane.  Some may know me as the author of The Ruiner Blog.  This will be something new.  If you are unfamiliar with that blog, please skip this post, and move on to the next.  The following words are meant for those who may already know the writer.

Those familiar with the blog are familiar with my history.  Some believe it, some do not.  Some think it is partially true, some think it's wholly false.

Perhaps my catchphrase at this point, and something you really need to understand about me is... I do not care what others believe.  It does matter to me, but only insofar as it is part of reality creation I share with others. 

I stand behind what I've said in the blog because it all served its purpose.  Now I can move on.   

My age is 35yrs old and I live in Toronto Canada.  I have a day job, I sing for a couple bands and write music for a solo project on the side.  Currently I live with my beautiful girlfriend who is my best friend.  No pets.  I'm a chain smoker and coffee addict who enjoys humor.  My life has been full of paranormal experiences both in a structured setting and unstructured setting.  Aside from those my life has been a series of disasters and most people who know all of it wonder why I am sane.

So welcome to my new blog.  Although this will be very different from the original.

My intention here is personal.  This is for me, not for you.  It will not follow a format or be linear.  It is not a data dump or anything like releasing information to the public.  This will be a place for me to rant, vent, share stories and contemplate concepts and ideas in written form.  If that is not acceptable to you, as I said with the first one... Move along.  Nothing to see here.

Some writings will be part of an ongoing fictional story, focused on two characters.  Some will be responses to things I see in the world.  Some will be sharing positions or feelings on various topics.  Basically, whatever I feel like writing. 

Many will be offended.  More will be disappointed.  This I am prepared for.  I'll state right off the top I don't owe anyone anything, this is my blog, I will write what I want.  As always you will be welcome to comment, although I will not be answering questions or clarifying these writings unless I feel a need.  I apologize in advance to anyone who misses this detail. 

If you are interested this is where I will be.  I also plan on beginning to record podcasts.  Some will be solo and some will be with friends or guest speakers who I invite to have conversations.  Perhaps some interviews, but mainly conversations.  Many podcasts will be extensions of this blog and some I plan to do to translate the old blog into something else.

Those who do wish to read should understand I make no promises, but I welcome you to this little place in my mind that I have desire to share with this page.  Whether anyone ever reads it, or not.

You are all beautiful, powerful, wonderful creators.  You are loved beyond all imagination.

With love and respect to all,


  1. Thank for deciding to do another blog. I'm excited to see and learn what you have to say.

  2. Welcome back!

    "It will not follow a format or be linear."

    Great! Love the flexible ideas.... sounds like a free-flow of creative fun and imagination penciled into your new ventures.
    I look forward in reading your ripples of thoughts sparking in your mind. - Smile.

    With love and respect
    Realeyes X

  3. Rock-on brother. Excited for the journey ahead.

  4. "Many will be offended" ... fuck, I love being offended ... bring it on!

  5. Mmmmmm I like blue :-)

    Make a new years resolution and quite smoking brother!

  6. Fancy!!!

    Thrilled to know you are expressing yourself in this way and so glad I thought of you this morning, googled your name and found this blog!


    Becca Truly Stuart

  7. glad your at it again Shane!

  8. Thank you for returning to all those who have kept looking for you...

  9. I'm glad you are back! And you still sane because you are Shane! Love and light!

  10. So great to see you writing to us again. We missed you!

  11. Great to find your new blog. Thank you heaps for welcoming us in. Your words resonates so well with me, and I am thrilled to be able to hear your freed opinions. Thank you for being who you are, Shane. It means heaps for me. :)

  12. Welcome back Shane, missed your wisdom and insight. Love & light BDH

  13. So glad you are back. I also have been looking for you. Just love you.

  14. Hello there, I'm just someone who has recently across your former blog site, as well as this one. I have gone through most of your content, and found that it strongly resonates with my own perspectives. I'm glad I found you, and look forward to seeing what else you have in the future.:)

  15. So glad to have found you! I just finished poring over every detail of The Ruiner blog, and I'm excited to be part of the community who follows you here. Your insight, wit, and kindness is evidence of your wisdom. Write on! And thank you.


  16. Welcome back, you've been missed!! It's wonderful to see that you're blogging again and it's a real privilege to read more of your wise words!! Looking forward to your future podcasts also!! Keep up the fine work and thank you for all you do!!