Digital Burning

This is an agenda, I'm sure you've noticed.  Not nefarious as it may seem.  Not benevolent as some may claim.  Somewhere in between...

First, everything goes digital.  Art, music, literature and all records, all fed into computers, scanned and uploaded to a memory system like a Hard Drive.  Then everything goes to the "cloud".  We can create something like, "The World Brain" - Google.

The physical world is becoming digital and everything else is made of materials that are not meant to last.  Cars, homes, appliances, clothing and all else is designed to only last a short time.

Why make everything digital?  So it can all be preserved.  Why design things not to last?  So they can be erased.

In case of a cataclysm, all information in physical mediums can be destroyed.  Books burn and rot, music distorts and art fades.  These are artifacts of a conscious culture.  Losing them would be akin to losing the entire culture to history.  If we can preserve this information, later generations can benefit from rediscovering this information and then rebuild, or re-imagine.

If such an occurrence were to arise, this information could be replicated, and moved to various locations, so that it is kept safe.

Either to be deliberately recovered, or by happenstance discovered by future generations.  This information can be taken off planet if possible as well.

Or, simply to maintain some record of an extinct species.

Sometimes this process is initiated because the beings within the culture know something drastic is coming.  Earth changes, floods, volcanoes, pole shifts, meteor strikes and any other such possibility.   Sometimes this is done because the civilization thinks, "Hey what a great idea!", all information in one place accessible to all.  Sometimes it is done as part of an agenda to reset a planet, species or civilization.

Either way, if protected, this bank of information can provide a great mystery, or great resource, to future visitors or life forms of the planet, should they be able to access the information.  As well as species on other planets who may have this information shared with them.

Even upon death, not all is lost.


  1. http://guymcpherson.com/2016/02/how-hot-how-fast/

    The human race will be extinct by 2030-2040 from abrupt climate change and culture collapse. It's a done deal that's not reversible... the effects we are feeling now is from carbon emissions from 40 years ago. It's only going to get worse, not counting if the arctic methane gets released.

    Fukushima was also an extinction level event... enough plutonium was exploded into the atmosphere to eventually kill us all.

    I dunno about storing everything digitally... I think future archaeologists are going be scratching their head wondering why we we so fascinated with shiny plastic discs. I highly doubt that data will ever be recoverable in a format that anyone understands.

    1. Perhaps not. It will be saved somewhere ;)

      With love and respect,

    2. Sure it will be saved, but ultimately it's just 1s and 0s. A switch that's on or off. There's a reason they call it code. You still need the ability to translate, to de-compile, where the instructions would have to be non-digital... or a system that never shuts down.

      Like the A.I., itself. :)

      I've always liked the idea that the cataclysm has already happened and we are in the virtual reality of a past age stored in a computer underground or off world. Why would it look like it does now? Because now is when we are in the process of recording it with all our smart phones and media and internet, etc. Now is what everyone would see in the future, looking back to the past.

      If you could witness the recording of the collapse of the human race on earth, wouldn't that be the one thing everyone would want to see and experience in some future age?

      Sorta like what McKenna said about time travel... the second it's invented you'd be flooded by future time travelers coming back to see the moment time travel was invented.

      Wouldn't the most rare and special lifetime experienced in reincarnation be living during a collapse of an age? I'd think that would be a highly sought after experience, galactically speaking. Every other lifetime would be mundane in comparison.

      Smoke 'em if you got 'em. :)

    3. Can't truly disagree with anything you've said here. Our civilization has found artifacts that contain such types of information and we have no idea that is what it's purpose is, and/or, how to access it.

      It's a very large universe, fully of a variety of potential experiences. From where you are right now, seeing the "collapse of human history" seems exciting, but... You could also be someone else, somewhere else, and a lot less interested. ;)

      -smokes'em cuz he's gottem-

      Also... We have not reached the end of what is "digital potential" and still have a lot of discoveries to make in terms of "code".

      With love and respect,

  2. I work in video games and this is the current state of the art (in the public domain)...


    Being able to recreate 3D worlds and objects just from digital photography.

    Fast forward a decade or two and include high-rez satellite images and Google Map photo-taking automated cars..

    I'll be out of a job pretty soon. :)

    1. Thank you for this. I would love to ask you some questions, as I have with some friends who work at BioWare. If you're willing, please send an email to: theruiner777@gmail.com If not that's perfectly understandable :)

      With love and respect,

  3. I hope they won't forget to put the really important stuff in these mountains.
    Like Kung Fu Panda 3. Please tell them to do so. ;)

  4. (Contribution to further laughter or a record of what could have been) As of right now, I'm not convinced that anything on this planet will change. I have said this somewhere else and I'm not one to say it again repeatedly. It seems that specific races believe that the human race will either sink or swim with its cataclysm. The human race, if faced with extinction or an A.I. holographic reality that is a limiting prison should be allowed to die, be done, and hopefully move on to a better future. Whether specific outside races allow this, speaks to the fact that they are just as dead as their A.I. counterpart or are slowly being assimilated. It's difficult to look around at a world that has a great deal of potential that is wasted on greed, power, lies, corruption, and individuals that laughs at others, while the world burns down around them. It reminds me of a piece of paper that is folded over and smothers the beings beneath it. It is not the responsibility of me, others or anyone else, to speak on behalf of humans or any race. The lack of help and indifference of so called "other races" disappoints me. What would they do in our position? The answer is not enough and it continues. Hypothetically, for the curious beings of a non-human intelligence, that do have the displeasure of reading this, please do the exact opposite of what the human race did or put others before you. Dreams could be anything and maybe, in time could stand for something. Currently, the dream is not mine and never will be. Some day, it could be a dream that belongs to everyone. Always, found this interesting. Now we are free. Either dead like a gladiator or possibly a better world that isn't as wretched as this one. We're all to blame for the state of affairs in this world. For those that do read this, consult Sri Ramana Maharshi or another man I like Thich Nhat Hanh. Adios amigo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCKJmJNNrbM

    1. I would agree. Still, you notice little of these things when you have passion and good environment, positive people who might not know about the state of things but have rich and incredible personalities. Their reactions and behavior can really astound, because it's not even in the menu of what you ever saw.
      The creation of our own reality is limited, i can feel it too.
      But wouldn't agree on the no-signs thing. I know it sounds stupid but maybe you stopped exploring?
      When you do, you attract most interesting situations.

      Some things that keep my existance less boring for the last couple months:

      Just the other day i saw a giant triangle formation of crows in the sky but when i turned my head to take a longer look, they were gone.
      I can see the membrane between physical mind and (etheric?) dissolve, weird stuff, geometric shapes, static, energy surrounding objects, I even nearly disaapear when i look in the mirror for 10s.
      Everything than turns blurry and has golden light in it.
      Just when i said fu*k it. When I vigorusly stand up the visuals disappear for 1-2s and all i see is darkness with RedGreenBlue (RGB) colors. That's weird. But than i see my laptop crashing and wtf? the same thing, black screen with RedGreenBlue dots falling like rain.
      Than i think that it may be my subconscious imagination and the visuals are creatd by me, but that wouldn't explain the screen thing. It's repeateble it happend at least 5 times. The purple/etheric vision is just like 1min. of silence and will and it's there!
      No faith needed. Just hope it won't attract the bad guys.
      Even though you kind of grow immune to distractions from these beings(?), like scare you once, twice,etc. but then it's just like, aw get the fu*k out with these tricks.
      I do reality checks pretty often but this stuff is so off the chart i have hard time finding any information on it, just bits and pieces.

      I think the changes are tailored to specific people. I see most changing in positive way but some are as stuck as they were and it sort of breaks my heart.
      The same thoughts on a loop. That's not an easy view.

    2. Thank you for replying. Apologies, for reading the full brunt of my bitterness and jaded personality toward current affairs. It's a flaw of mine that has been somewhat accelerated recently. I was in a bad mood at the time and it definitely shows in this one. My personal opinion is that the human race is tailored toward technological escapes, consumerism and narcissism rather than facing "who they are" or should I call it a (whole race) self-identity reality check. Humans, in total, should be asking the questions of what they are working toward for the whole. For example, do they wish to evolve into a possible telepathic collective race or one that wishes to have an individual identity that can exist in harmony. Issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis and humans controlling themselves with themselves is not a good way of impressing any outside human intelligence, especially those that would view the human race as chaos. I suspect that they view this planet as a "problem" that needs to be dealt with and if the majority was not so confused, somewhat naïve, and innocent, we would have been wiped out a long time ago. Whether the assembly line of whistleblowers continues and if they are or are not liars, really makes no difference to me. The joke's on them because they are still on a sinking ship and are inside a school that is on fire. What breaks my heart are animals that die for "our" behavior. Children that are starving to death in third world countries and the beauty of the last 20th century (sarcasm), which has been full of evisceration, disembowelment, and genocide, and the need for a human race self-fulfilling prophecy of the apocalypse. It's really children, who are still happy in such a world, that breaks my heart, who have no way of seeing what's coming. So if there is some truth, they are far braver then you and me. As for the grey race, their story of their race being destroyed is an awful one and I don't know what that does psychologically to a being. Their planet is dead and they are alive. Poor bastards. So yes I do feel bad for beings that may or may not be real. That includes Shane, fictional illuminati, greys, Nordics, draco etc. Feel bad for all of them, even if they are liars, but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way. It's not so bad if you do care, although it does suck. Here's an interesting song that I like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2VzLn6DMCE Hopefully, the video will go through. Wasn't trying to hurt anyone. You can talk anytime and I may check from time to time.

  5. Yep, I don't like having to drive a car to get places,
    the destroying part seems too big to justify the outcome.

    But I have a serious question for Shane:
    What is it that stops people from shareing their experiences?

    Tila did it on twitter but now she's gone. (e.g the stuff about going to sleep and continuing her activities) But she said also that few know how much she risks by writing such information.
    I'm certain that there are more people who have interesting things happening to/around them.
    Is it the entities? Seriously, would they out you if you got all you know out here? I can see some connection but it always plays out well at the end. There have to be more to it than lack of balls. Maybe some blood oaths, still these things don't happen only to illuminati type guys.
    I share it all(especially things that I can't find reference to), everything that happened to me is written somewhere on the internet, and there is more than what i shared in previous comment.

  6. A FINAL contribution for digital burning. I don't have much time for alternative news websites, forums, and possible performers. I won't be commenting here or looking anymore on these sites. It's not my job to take responsibility for the universe or anyone for that matter. I'm not here to save the world and anyone that puts the burden on their shoulders is no different then all of the others that have already tried to do so and failed like 95% of the time. Until a new system is built, preferably one of equality, where people are shown the golden rule and make a better world rather then following technological CONTROL, social Darwinist ideals, and follow false leaders or gods like one believes in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus then nothing will change. The terms of sheep, savages, the profane, immature, children, blind, not ready, couldn't possibly handle this information, is unable to grasp blah blah blah (insert excuse here) all=to keeping the matrix a reality. In a world like this, we need self-reflection or clarity on a number of specific issues. There area A LOT of issues. Whether people get over being the superstar of the universe is up for debate. I do look forward to Donald Trump's new show executive apprentice. Back to the road for me. However, here's one videos for an understanding of human nature that summarizes an ego dominator life style, that leads ultimately to the destruction of everything surrounding it and eventually itself, while others laugh for some reason or designed humans and animals to die that way. This was never directed at anyone for some clarification. It was always a concept or a symbol that I had for an idea. We do know that the human race is fragmented by culture and do die for ideas. Whether other beings feed off of it, doesn't matter to me, but in case they do want to see the results sort of like collecting loosh like a video game here is some poetry by T.S. Eliot. Two final quotes of contribution. "I'm the king of the world." -Leonardo di Caprio from the Titanic or one of my favorite artists who states "(Year Zero) has come true. And nobody's doing anything about it, nobody cares. Some people speak up, but only when convenient. Complaining about it on social media isn't going to change anything." -Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. At least you have good taste. Maybe, La Mer will be playing after were gone :( I'm sorry for him and well possibly you too....Enough. I don't know, I'm not you or anyone. I'm gone. Had to clear up some loose ends. Oh yes, the video. Sad isn't it.


    Surprise video, what I'll be doing after death. Leaving Gilligan's Island and going home. I expect many people will if we go extinct.


    That's just me parting ways and saying goodbye to you. Others possibly, but that's it.